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Oddzial Osmy’s November releases arrive at Fighting 15s

JH-7A Chinese fighter-bomber

JH-7A Chinese fighter-bomber

The latest releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s. The releases include:

1:600 (3mm) Moderns
BW-639 Biber AVLB assault bridge
BW-640 Pionierpanzer Dachs and Bergepanzer 2
BW-641 Marder Roland
BW-642 Marder 1A3
CH-626 JH-7A, Chinese fighter-bomber
FR-627 Tigre HAP, French support helicopter
US-6100 F-106 Delta Dart jet interceptor aircraft

15mm Moderns
CW-1502 Polish Cold War infantry set II  – squad leader, RPG-7 section, PKM MG section and rifleman with underslung grenade launcher

Packs are all £3.00 including VAT with contents as described on the website.


Eureka 28mm ZANLA and Rhodesian forces arrive at Fighting 15s

100MOD142 Rhodesian African Rifles in cap, advancing

100MOD142 Rhodesian African Rifles in cap, advancing

Eureka Miniature’s latest additions to its 28mm modern South African wars ranges have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s and are available to buy now in the online shop.

The new arrivals are:

100MOD137 1970s ZANLA guerilla with PPSh-41
100MOD138 1970s ZANLA guerilla with SKS automatic rifle
100MOD139 1970s ZANLA crew with 12.7mm DShK MG on anti-aircraft mount
100MOD140 1970s ZANLA guerilla with bolt-action rifle
100MOD141 1970s ZANLA guerilla with LMG
100MOD142 1970s Rhodesian African Rifles in cap, advancing (set)
100MOD143 1970s Rhodesian African Rifles, bareheaded, advancing (set)
100MOD144 1970s Rhodesian African Rifles in action (set)
100MOD145 1970s Rhodesian African Rifles officer

These figures have previously been available as advance samples on the show circuit, but have now been officially released. Our stock has taken a few months to arrive in the UK. The releases join the existing ZANLA and Rhodesian codes.

Pack contents and prices are detailed in the online store.



More new arrivals for 20mm AB WWII range

AB-SPB04 British motorcyclists and dispatch riders

AB-SPB04 British motorcyclists and dispatch riders

Fighting 15s has been busy sifting through the new delivery from AB Figures/Eureka and can report that the following codes in AB Figures’ 20mm World War II range have arrived in stock:

AB-SPB03 British Tommies loading ammo crates
AB-SPB04 British motorcyclists/dispatch riders
AB-SPB07 British RAMC loading ambulance with casualties
AB-SPB09 British company stretcher bearers in a hurry
AB-SPB12 British infantry for jeeps

Details and prices of packs are as given in the online shop.


New arrivals for 20mm AB WWII range



Fighting 15s has now received its first stocks of following codes in AB Figures’ 20mm World War II range:

AB-RTB01 British 6pdr crew
AB-RTB02 British 17pdr crew
AB-TCB05 British crew in pixie suits
AB-TCB06 British crew in battledress and helmets

AB-TCB11 German Afrika Korps crew
AB-TCB12 German Afrika Korps crew, hatch variants
AB-TCB13 German seated figures for softskins and halftracks

Details and prices of packs are as given in the online shop.


New card processor option for Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s has added an alternative credit and debit card processor to the online shop. The new Barclaycard option is in addition to our existing option to take card payments via PayPal. Some customers occasionally have issues with paying by card via the PayPal interface, incorrectly believing that they need a PayPal account, and the Barclaycard processing option is intended to provide a clear method of payment through a trusted credit card company.

The Barclaycard option accepts payments in Sterling via Visa, Mastercard and JCB.

Like PayPal, because the payment gateway is provided by a third party, Fighting 15s does not see a customer’s credit card details.

Fighting 15s re-releases 18mm Napoleon in Egypt range

DSCN2659 edit_x600

Earlier this year, Fighting 15s acquired the Napoleon in Egypt range of 18mm wargames figures from Black Hat Miniatures. Reorganization and re-photographing of the range is now complete and Fighting 15s is delighted to announce that these figures are now available to buy in the online shop.

The range is as follows:

NE001 French Infantry in casquet, advancing
NE002 French Infantry in casquet, marching
NE003 French Infantry in casquet, firing and loading
NE004 French Infantry command
NE005 French Infantry elites in bicorne, advancing
NE006 French Infantry elites in bicorne, marching
NE007 French Infantry elites in bicorne, firing and loading
NE008 French Infantry elites in casquet, advancing
NE009 French Infantry elites in casquet, marching
NE010 French Infantry elites in casquet, firing and loading
NE050 French Dromedary Corps troopers (4 figures)
NE051 French Dromedary Corps command (4 figures)
NE052 French dismounted dragoons
NE053 French dismounted dragoon command
NE075 French artillery in bicorne
NE100 Egyptian Fellahin with spears
NE101 Egyptian Fellahin with swords
NE102 Egyptian Fellahin with muskets
NE103 Nizam Provincial Militia advancing
NE104 Nizam Provincial Militia firing and loading
NE105 Ottoman foot command
NE109 Cairo Janissaries
NE110 Cairo Janissaries command
NE150 Mameluks firing
NE151 Mameluks charging
NE152 Mameluk command
NE175 Ottoman heavy artillery

Packs contain eight foot, or four mounted figures, or four crew and one gun (there are options for crew only or guns only). Prices for all codes except NE050 and NE051 are £3.20 including VAT per pack: NE050 and NE051 are £6.40 including VAT. Variants are provided at random.

Fighting 15s intends to expand on the original range in future.



Bartek’s 17th century playing cards arrive at Fighting 15s


Fighting 15s now has in stock the latest deck of playing cards from Bartek Drejewicz – pin-up girls in 17th century uniforms. Like his successful Napoleonic pin-up girls deck, this pack of cards is published by Polish lingerie store Intimo.

The illustrations in this deck, entitled Wild Wild Fields (Bardzo Dzikie Pola), are inspired by the history of central Europe in the 17th century. Many countries of central Europe – Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine plus a few smaller nations – were united in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, which was arrayed against the Kingdom of Sweden, the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. There were a lot of wars in western Europe in this period, such as the English Civil War, so the deck includes a few illustrations from the Kingdom of England. Scottish mercenaries also fought on both sides during the wars between Poland and Sweden. The deck also contains pictures of soldiers from Spain, Germany, France and smaller countries, because these troops were either mercenaries or allies of Central European empires and also brave soldiers and highly effective units. The illustrations are highly respectable: this is a pin-up not a glamour deck.

The playing cards are a bridge-sized deck and printed on opaque casino card. Each of the 52 cards is uniquely illustrated; the deck also contains four unique jokers. The cards use a continental notation so the Queen is represented by a D (Dame). Decks are available with either a silver and blue back or a red and gold back; the illustrations on either deck are the same. Fighting 15s has been able to get a better deal on the cards than for the Napoleonics with the result that decks are just £8.50 each including VAT; card-players who need two different-back decks can buy the pair for £16.00 including VAT.  The decks are available to buy in the Fighting 15s shop.

The illustrations on the cards are as follows:

Clubs depicts Western European armies, mostly Sweden and England:

Ace – Kingdom of Sweden, Veteran Infantry in winter uniform (hongreline)
King – Kingdom of Sweden, Cuirassier
Dame (Queen) – Kingdom of England, Royalist infantry officer
Jack – Kingdom of Sweden, Arquebusier
10 – Kingdom of England, Parliamentarian infantry officer
9 – Kingdom of England, Cannoneer
8 – Kingdom of Sweden, Yellow Regiment Corporal
7 – Holy Roman Empire, Musketeer
6 – Kingdom of Sweden, Musketeer, King’s Lifeguard Company
5 – Kingdom of Sweden, Musketeer
4 – Kingdom of Sweden, Pikeman
3 – Kingdom of Sweden, Reiter
2 – Kingdom of England, Highlander
Joker – Kingdom of Sweden, Infantry drummer

Diamonds depicts the Eastern empires – Russia, Turkey, Tartars, and eastern parts of Ukraine.

Ace – Russian Empire, Zhylec, Nobleman cavalry
King – Ottoman Empire, Sipahi, Heavy cavalry
Dame (Queen) – Russian Empire, Cannoneer
Jack – North-East Ukraine, Cossack
10 – Ottoman Empire, Emperor’s standard bearer
9 – Russian Empire, Guardsman Musketeer, Streltsy of Moscow
8 – Ottoman Empire, Janissary
7 – South East Ukraine, Cossack
6 – Russian Empire, Pikeman
5 – Ottoman Empire, Bashi-Bazouk irregular infantry
4 – Crimean Khanate, Tatar archer
3 – Russian Empire, Boyarin, Nobleman heavy cavalry
2 – Ottoman Empire, Sultan’s guardsman
Joker – Ottoman Empire, Janissary musician

Hearts depicts troops of the eastern forces of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Ace – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Winged Hussar, mid XVIIth century
King – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Winged Hussar officer, late XVIIth century
Dame (Queen) – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Polish infantry officer
Jack – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Polish medium cavalry officer
10 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Low-rank Winged Hussar, early XVIIth century
9 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Polish Hajduk, royal line infantry
8 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Lisowczyk/Elear, irregular light cavalry
7 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Polish Hajduk, early XVIIth century
6 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Polish Tatar, mid XVIIth century
5 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Medium cavalry soldier
4 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Winged Hussar in funeral colours, early XVIIth century
3 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Polish Hajduk pikeman
2 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Light cavalry
Joker – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Polish Hajduk bagpipe player

Spades depicts the western forces of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, its mercenaries and allies.

Ace – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, King’s Guard Musketeer
King – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Royal Janissary
Dame (Queen) – Kingdom of France, Dragoon
Jack – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Ukrainian Cossack
10 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Cannoneer
9 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Mercenary infantry officer
8 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Reiter
7 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Dragoon
6 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Musketeer
5 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Polish dragoon
4 – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Pikeman
3 – Kingdom of Spain, Tercio
2 – Transylvania, Hajduk, Mercenary infantryman
Joker – Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Infantry musician

Bartek’s Napoleonic deck remains out of print, but Fighting 15s is given to understand that he is at work on another one.


Fighting 15s and Christmas 2015

It’s the time of year when Fighting 15s has to think about Christmas and obtaining stock from overseas suppliers in time to fulfil orders placed in the run-up to the festive season.

At this point Fighting 15s usually has time before Christmas for one more bulk delivery from Eureka Miniatures of Australia. Eureka supplies our ranges of AB Figures, Eureka Miniatures, Shadowforge and Laughing Monk. This shipment usually arrives in the first week of December or slightly after.

Eureka Miniatures typically closes for two weeks over Christmas and New Year, and comes back from the break to prepare for CanCon at the end of January. Our first shipment of the New Year therefore usually does not arrive until mid-February. If we are unable to obtain items from Eureka on our early December shipment, delivery of items that are out of stock, go out of stock or that are obtained to special order is not likely to occur until mid-February 2016.

We will get two more deliveries from Oddzial Osmy of Poland, in early November and early December. Marcin at Oddzial Osmy, however, usually manages to keep going over the festive season and we should then receive another shipment in early January. Our order for stock on that shipment is placed by mid-December.

Subject to those delivery times and packing errors by suppliers (rare, but they happen), Fighting 15s will try its best to get customers their orders in time for Christmas. Items that cannot be obtained will follow as soon as delivery times permit.

Last posting day for 1st class post in the UK is 21 December 2015. Fighting 15s is shut at weekends and on the UK public holidays of 25 and 28 December 2015 and 1 January 2016.

Oddzial Osmy’s October releases arrive at Fighting 15s

WUS-654 B-17G Flying Fortress

WUS-654 B-17G Flying Fortress

The latest releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s. The releases include:

1:600 (3mm) Moderns
BMN-638 Rooivalk, South African attack helicopter
UK-637 Conqueror, British heavy tank
BW-638 Spz 11-2 Kurz, German tracked reconnaissance vehicle
FR-625 VAB Mephisto, French APC armed with HOT missiles
FR-626 Super Mystere B.2, French supersonic fighter
CH-625 EQ2080, Chinese military truck

1:600 (3mm) WWII
WWH-6112 Fw 190 D-9, German fighter
WUS-654 B-17G Flying Fortress, US  heavy bomber

1:600 (3mm) Scenery
TR-624 Coniferous trees III, pines

15mm Moderns
CW-1501 Cold War Polish infantry I with AK rifles

Packs are all £3.00 including VAT with contents as described on the website. All codes are listed in the New Arrivals section of the website for a short time.


Eureka’s 28mm Chaos Army arrives at Fighting 15s


The 28mm Chaos Army figures from Eureka Miniatures of Australia have now arrived at Fighting 15s and are available to buy in the online shop.

The range includes:

100KAS01 Snailhead
100KAS02 Armless Nhils
100KAS03 Theo the Baiter
100KAS04 Batface the Biter
100KAS05 Beaky Pete
100KAS06 Percy Onehand
100KAS07 Harry Born Yesterday
100KAS08 Angry Francis
100KAS09 Log
100KAS10 Lars Coldblood
100KAS11 Flogging Horse
100KAS12 Beaten Dog
100KASC01 King Bighead and Harvey and Dent (two figures plus ‘horse’)

Prices as shown on the website.

Eureka is due to release more figures for this range in the near future, although Fighting 15s does not expect to have these additions in stock much before Christmas.




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