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Oddzial Osmy’s August releases arrive at Fighting 15s

WUS-652 P-38G Lightning

WUS-652 P-38G Lightning

The latest releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s. The releases include:

1:600 (3mm) Moderns
BW-633 Leopard 2A6
BW-634 GTK Boxer 8×8 wheeled APC
BW-635 Panzerhaubitze 2000 155mm SP howitzer
BW-636 MAN 630 German military truck
CH-619 J-10A Chinese multirole fighter
CH-620 BJ2022 Yongshi 4×4 all-terrain vehicle

1:600 World War II
WUS-652 P-38G Lightning twin-boom fighter
WJA-617 A6M3 Hamp

1:600 Terrain
TR-623 Deciduous trees V

1:600 Napoleonic
NAP-640 Supply wagon

Packs are all £3.00 including VAT with contents as described on the website. NAP-640 is supplied without horses – use NAP-633.

A word on release dates. Oddzial Osmy described these as its releases for July; Fighting 15s ordered when they were announced to stockists in July, Oddzial Osmy then had a production run, and Fighting 15s actually received them in August. It’s easier to refer to them as the August releases, because that’s when they become available to the public, and it’s less confusing than to refer to them as releases for a month that has already long gone. Fighting 15s adopts this system for all Oddzial Osmy’s releases.


Fighting 15s releases 3mm Middle Eastern terrain

MEB05 Small farm

MEB05 Small farm

Fighting 15s has released its own range of 3mm (1:600) terrain suitable for use with infantry, vehicles and aircraft from Oddzial Osmy.

The initial release includes Middle Eastern buildings and terrain tiles suitable for a wide range of conflicts in the region. The codes, descriptions and introductory prices are:

MEB01 Large and mid-sized buildings (4 random individual models), £3.00
MEB02 Small buildings (6 random individual models), £3.00
MEB03 Large settlement with walled compounds, 1 model, £8.00
MEB04 Medium settlement with walled compounds, 1 model, £6.00
MEB05 Small farm with irrigation ditches, 1 model, £6.00
MEB06 Small settlement with well, 1 model, £6.00
MEB07 Mosque with minaret, 1 model, £5.00

All prices include VAT. All models are cast to order in the UK in polyurethane resin and orders may therefore take 28 days to fulfil. Please note that the fine nature of detail on these models means that Fighting 15s uses vacuum degassing to reduce or eliminate air bubbles to therefore ensure the highest possible quality of casting on the top surface of the models. This is more time consuming than simply casting without degassing, but we feel it is essential for these models.

The buildings have been designed for Fighting 15s by the talented Chris Rees of Tablescape and scaled to suit the height of infantry figures from Oddzial Osmy.

The range is available to buy now in the Fighting 15s shop.


AB Figures 15mm vignettes for 1815

AB-VIN01 Sergeant Ewart and the eagle of the 45th

AB-VIN01 Sergeant Ewart and the eagle of the 45th

Fighting 15s has received its initial stocks of AB Figures’ 15mm vignettes for the Waterloo campaign, 1815.

The sets are as follows:

AB-VIN01 Sergeant Ewart and the eagle of the 45th (£9.47 inc VAT)
AB-VIN02 The Royal Dragoons and the eagle of the 105th (£10.74 inc VAT)
AB-VIN03 The 69th foot and the 8th cuirassiers at Quatre Bras (£12.00 inc VAT)

The vignettes are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s online shop, and for convenience are for a short time listed in the New Arrivals section.

Following a price reduction in May, Fighting 15s has enacted a second decrease for AB Figures this year in response to the improving exchange rate. Our price reduction in July 2015 means the prices of AB 15mm foot are 60p each inc VAT, mounted are £1.20 each inc VAT and cannon are £2.40 each inc VAT. We will continue to review prices in response to changes in the exchange rate, but will only adjust prices when the rate has evidently stabilized for a suitable period.

Prices of Eureka Miniatures were also reduced in July, taking prices to 50p inc VAT for 15mm and 18mm foot, £1.00 inc VAT for 15mm and 18mm mounted, and £1.87 inc VAT for 28mm foot, and technically £3.72 and a ha’penny inc VAT for 28mm mounted.

The Royal Dragoons and the eagle of the 105th

The Royal Dragoons and the eagle of the 105th


The 69th foot and the 8th cuirassiers at Quatre Bras

The 69th foot and the 8th cuirassiers at Quatre Bras

Oddzial Osmy’s July 2015 releases arrive at Fighting 15s

WBR-665 Mosquito

WBR-665 Mosquito. Releasing this as WBR-633 would have been more appropriate…

The latest releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s. The releases include:

1:600 (3mm) Moderns

BW-631 ATF Dingo armoured transport vehicle
BW-632 LGS Fennek wheeled reconnaissance vehicle
CH-617 ZBL-09 8×8 wheeled infantry fighting vehicle with 30mm cannon
CH-618 Q-5 Fantan ground-attack aircraft
FR-624 Jaguar A  jet attack aircraft
SA-6119 AT-L light tracked artillery tractor
US-698 F-22 Raptor stealth fighter
US-699 M42 Duster self-propelled twin-linked 40mm gun

1:600 (3mm) World War II

WBR-665 Mosquito FB

15mm Modern

MD-1504 “Green men” command

Packs are all £3.00 including VAT with contents as described on the website.


MD-1504 Green Men Command

MD-1504 Green Men Command

Summer hours at Fighting 15s

The British summer has at last arrived, and that means here on the sunny Isle of Wight, working hours at Fighting 15s change depending on the weather.

When it is hot here – and it may well not be hot and sunny where you are in the frozen north of the UK – Fighting 15s works early morning to about 1pm, and then shuts down until the cooler evening air arrives, at which point we again start work. The beach is five minutes’ walk away and the sea provides welcome relief in the afternoon.

The sounds reasons for this are that after 1pm or so, our workshop is unbearably hot. Casting is pretty much impossible after as early as 10am.

If it’s a wet, cool day, then we pretty much work as normal.

So, if you suspect that on a hot afternoon that we are slacking off, down on the beach with an ice cream with our feet in the water, you’re probably right. Your order will be dealt with once temperatures become bearable.


Fighting 15s releases 15mm Ancien Régime flags


Fighting 15s  has released 30 sheets of 15mm paper flags for Ancien Régime infantry. The flags are suitable for French infantry from the Seven Years War right up to the Revolutionary Wars.

Each sheet costs £4.00 including VAT and sheets typically contain 12 flags – six white Colonel’s flags and six coloured Ordonnance flags. Flags are in Fighting 15s’ new shaded style, introduced for the Austrian Seven Years War infantry flags, and the stitching has been emphasised on the Colonels’ flags so they look more than just a white flag.

The flags have been designed in particular to suit Eureka’s Seven Years War French to give a good fit around the flag staff.

Fighting 15s is in the process of reorganising the flags section of the online shop, and this is the first range of Fighting 15s’ flags to be fully illustrated on the site.


Oddzial Osmy releases 3mm Napoleonic British

NAP-638 British infantry command 1815

NAP-638 British infantry command 1815

The latest releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s. The releases are all in 1:600 scale (3mm) and include:

SA-6118 2S7 Pion 203mm heavy self-propelled gun
SA-6202 PMP floating bridge set
US-696 F-4B Phantom II
US-697 X-47B UCAS-D 

NAP-637 British line infantry 1815
NAP-638 British line infantry 1815 command
NAP-639 British skirmishers 1815 

Terrain and Scenery
TR-621 Deciduous trees IV
TR-622 Coniferous trees II

Packs are all £3.00 including VAT with contents as described on the website (typically 15 vehicles, 15 strips of infantry, 8 aircraft or 8 trees). SA-6202 is a special “triple set” and costs £9.00 inc VAT.


US-696 Phantom II

US-696 Phantom II

Fighting 15s at Carronade 2015

Fighting 15s is at Carronade in Falkirk on 9 May. Packing has started and Ian will be off shortly on the 1,000-mile round trip. Ian cannot take any more advance orders for this show. He will have only Coat d’arms paints and Fighting 15s flags to buy on the day at Carronade.

Fighting 15s is now closed until 14 May. Ian is taking holiday in Scotland and Yorkshire as well as attending Carronade. The online shop will remain open during Ian’s absence, and any orders placed online will be dealt with on his return. His wife and daughter will not be able to help with phone queries, should they by chance answer calls to the business line.


Napoleonic painting guides from Fighting 15s


Once upon a time, Fighting 15s was just a figure painting service specialising in 15mm Napoleonics. It’s where the name comes from – an allusion to British regimental nicknames such as the “Fighting 15th”, the King’s Hussars, and to magnificent pieces of technology such as the F-15 Eagle.

Way back then, Fighting 15s had two painting articles published by the now defunct Wargames Journal in its Painter’s Shed series.

Fighting 15s has long since stopped being a painting service, and those articles have long since disappeared in a complete form from the web (they partly exist on the Wayback Machine). But now, thanks to a request for a copy of the articles, they have been republished and can be found in their new home on Fighting 15s’ Oozlum Games website.

The guides show how I paint 15mm AB French infantry and 15mm AB French chasseurs a cheval to a decent wargames standard, rather than showcase standard, using a two-tone system I adopted before I’d even heard of Kevin Dallimore and his layering technique. I suspect a number of painters at much the same time decided that painting, washing and over-painting was too much work, and the same effect could be obtained simply by layering different shades of each colour.

The articles are quite old, and the technology used to take and edit the images quite primitive, but I hope that the articles stand the test of time, given that their ilk are 10 a penny nowadays, and I trust that they still prove useful.



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