Pricing changes for 15mm AB Figures

The way that 15mm AB Napoleonic figures are priced will shortly be changing so that they are priced in proportion to the points cost of units in wargames rules. The points system used for this will be the ingenious points system used for Oozlum Games own highly rated Huzzah! set of rules.

Pricing figures in proportion to their points cost is aimed to encourage gamers to buy units appropriately for their armies. The cost of figures representing elite units will therefore rise; the cost of figures for militia formations will therefore fall.

For example, a militia formation typically costs 25 points in the Huzzah! system, and a line formation costs 65 points. This values will simply translate into a cost of 25 pence per militia infantry figure and 65 pence per line infantry figure. In comparison Old Guard infantry will cost £1.40 each, guns and crews upwards of £1.70 per gun or crew set, and cavalry upwards of 80 pence.

Pricing in proportion has natural benefits for wargamers running campaigns, with gamers feeling the real costs of fielding the French Guard, and leading to better balanced battles. Pricing in proportion has benefits for manufacturers too, with comparatively high production costs for slower selling figures covered by the proportionate price.

Further details will be available soon.

Note: This item was originally published on 1 April 2008, and has been moved backwards two centuries in time to keep it out of our day-to-day news. There’s no fool like an old fool, you might say.

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