Nottingham move on the cards for Fighting 15s

The delights of running an internet-based business is that you can set up shop anywhere, and since 1999, Ian at Fighting 15s has been located on the Isle of Wight, the sunshine island just off the south coast of England.

Fighting 15s has been unable to resist the sweet siren call of the UK’s “lead belt”, and will shortly be moving to the city of Nottingham to join the host of other toy soldier businesses in the area.

It’s hard to identify what exactly attracted us to Nottingham, crime capital of the UK, which can trace its felonious heritage back to the time of Robin Hood (that is to say, at about quarter past seven on Saturday evenings).

Was it the turbid yellow water of the River Trent? The Trent takes on the colour of local clays when swollen by rain, or by meltwater from the seasonal glaciers of Sherwood Forest Country Park. The rain at least is indicative of a pleasingly temperate climate; the glaciers a guarantee of an icy reception by some of the city’s denizens.

Was it to re-cement our friendship with wargames mogul Bryan Ansell, forever commemorated in the valedictory messages of a certain issue of White Dwarf?

No, it was none of these. In fact it was the warming glow of the lights and friendly local workforce of the Arboretum area of the city, and their understandings of the complexes that we wargamers have about our “little men” that made the decision to relocate to that exact part of the city a snap. Their negotiability on a point of income and their willingness to work nights is a boon in the current economic climate.

The move brings with it larger premises, and the prospects of employing an Igorina to help out with the running of Fighting 15s. Our choice candidate, the charming Miss Fifi Porfallio, is just 22 but displays an enormous knowledge of military history. We were particularly impressed by her answer to our question of whether she favoured Ney’s or Jomini’s works on Napoleonic tactics: she replied that in all honesty she much preferred Johnson’s.

More news about our exciting move tomorrow.

Footnote, 2 April: Of course very little of the above is true. A trussed cat in a lead-weighted sack at the bottom of a canal has more chance of survival than Fighting 15s does of moving to Nottingham.

This item originally posted 1 April 2009.

2 comments so far

  1. msiggins on

    This had better be an April Fool, Marsh.

    • oozlumgames on

      You mean what with with seasonal glaciers poised to roll over Nottingham, and the prospect of Fighting 15s hiring Nottingham’s female night workers, there’s an element of doubt?

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