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RSS feed for Fighting 15s news

I have been playing around with WordPress and searching Google on incorporating RSS feeds into websites, and finally came up with the necessary javascript generator to do this at So, the news and events page in the shop now has an RSS feed, the address for which is below, which should work in readers such as Bloglines.

The Oozlum Games and Fighting 15s RSS feed is available at:

Some security software may block the RSS feed on the Fighting 15s site. You can view news directly at instead.

Easter holidays

It's the Easter holidays for the next two weeks and I have child-minding duties to fit in as well as toy soldiers. Orders may be delayed by a day or so if I am unable to get to the post office as a result of my extra obligations.

Special price for 15mm Austrian flags

Sheets of Austrian flags in the 15mm Flags for AB range are currently on offer at £2.50 per sheet, instead of the usual £3.00.

Corporate firewalls and security

Some customers using the shop from behind corporate firewalls may find they are unable to use the shopping cart to process their orders. There is evidently nothing that Fighting 15s can do to overcome the excessive security systems of a customer's workplace, except that suggest a phone call or use of a home computer is the best way of making your order.

Flags for AB

The 15mm Flags for AB and Liebfahne flags, formerly available through AB Figures in the UK, are now in the online shop. There is also a downloadable list in Links. In future we intend to expand this range to fill in gaps in the Napoleonics, and to take it into other periods for which Fighting 15s supplies figures.


The UK and Europe version of the AB CD is now available. In essence it contains in PDF format all the lists of figures that Fighting 15s supplies (15mm AB, Eureka, Shadowforge and Oddzial Osmy), plus the illustrated parts of Eureka Miniatures' catalogue detailing AB Figures and Eureka's own 18mm Napoleonics. The CD costs £3.00, but will go out free to anyone who orders over £100 of figures (I have now configured the cart so the CD is automatically added if you spend over £100).

The SFSFW Awards 2005

Fighting 15s with Black Hat Miniatures came first in the Best SF Miniatures: 20mm or smaller category of the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers (SFSFW) awards for 2005. As Black Hat's supplier in 2005 Fighting 15s cannot really take any credit for this, as it all belongs to Mike Lewis at Black Hat.

In the same awards, however, Fighting 15s and Black Hat came second to Ground Zero Games in the Best Service from a Wargames Company category (quite literally, therefore, Fighting 15s is second to none!). We feel we can take some credit here as a dispatcher of Black Hat's figures across the globe.

Full details:

Downloadable lists for 15mm AB Figures

Our list of codes for individual 15mm AB Figures is now available as a downloadable PDF file (see Links).  It may contain a few errors – we will not be upset if anyone points them out.

Eureka 15mm WWI Bulgarians

15mm Eureka Bulgarians
Eureka's 15mm WWI Bulgarians (pictured above) are now in stock (located in 15mm, 20th Century, World War One).

AB Figures 15/18mm Pavlov Grenadiers

AB 15mm Pavlov Grenadiers
AB's Pavlov Grenadiers are now in stock (located in 15mm, Napoleonics, Russians).