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Oddzial Osmy: latest arrivals

The shop now has the latest releases from Oddzial Osmy.

Just one box joins the 15mm Napoleonics: NS-03 Saxon Chevaulegers for 1806-09. Priced at £9.50, it includes 15 figures and flags for the four regiments.

The 1:600 modern US and Soviet armies are joined by the UH-1 Iroquois, ZSU 23-4, Mi-24D Hind D, BRM and T72. The first West German vehicles have also arrived: Leopard 1A4, Marder 1A2, Luchs, M109 GA2, PzMorzer M113G, Jaguar 1, and Marder 1A2 with infantry. Packs are £2.00 each for 15 vehicles or 8 helicopters, except the Marder 1A2 with infantry, which is £4.00, and consists of 30 pieces.

More moderns will be available shortly, including Bradleys and Fuchs.

Eureka consignments

We have received three consignments from Eureka and are currently “knee-deep “in boxes of toy soldiers. Orders from consignments 0051 and 0052 should be fulfilled this week, but dispatch may not be up to our usual speed.

Black Hat Miniatures

As advised earlier, Black Hat Miniatures will be available in the UK and EU by mail order only through Black Hat itself from 24 April. With Salute looming large on the horizon and no real prospect of dealing with any orders for Black Hat figures until 24 April, we have removed Black Hat's listings from the shop. Please go to for further news about the new Black Hat online shop.

Black Hat and Fighting 15s will still be on stands together at shows; a selection of Black Hat figures will also be available at shows that Fighting 15s attends alone, such as Cannonade and Claymore.

Fighting 15s news and advertising

Please note that Fighting 15s has stopped advertising on both The Miniatures Page and Wargames Directory, and that most news announcements will be made here in future. If you want to know what's happening with AB and Eureka in the EU, tune in here.

AB Figures: Austrians arrive

AB Figures’ 15mm Napoleonic Austrians have arrived in stock. They are still currently in their boxes as we have been shipping orders all day from the special orders that arrived. All things being well the figures will be sorted and ready for sale next week, and in time for Salute. Except, of course, we are also due a consignment from Oddzial Osmy this week as well, which may put a spanner in the works.

AB Figures, picture updates

Pictures of AB’s Napoleonic Saxon and Grand Duchy of Warsaw troops have been added to the shop. I have a stack of pictures still to add for AB, but can only spend a few hours a day at a computer otherwise my vision goes out of focus. Fulfilling orders takes priority over pictures and out of necessity eats into the computer time.

The shipping forecast: AB Figures

We hope to have 15mm AB Austrian Napoleonics in stock this week, and just in time for Salute. They, and the Imperial French (not the Imperial Guard nor the French generals), the Jena Prussians and the Early Russians are the only lines from AB we are likely to have at Salute. We will have only unit and bargain packs at Salute, not individual AB figures.

The Imperial Guard, French staff sets and the early French are due to ship from Eureka this week. Future consignments then run in order as follows: Confederation of the Rhine; Britain, Spain, Brunswick; Late Prussians and Russians. We will keep you posted when these are dispatched from Eureka.

In addition to these orders, which in essence are our basic stock of AB Figures, there are weekly consignments for all the orders placed so far for troops not yet in stock. These have now started to roll in steadily, and we hope to keep to our four to five week schedule for orders for AB Figures.

Please remember that all 15mm AB Figures are now cast by Eureka Miniatures in Australia. There is no way that we can humanly obtain AB Figures any faster than the times advised above: Eureka itself is advising of a 14 to 21 day delay in dispatch of orders.

Orders for Eureka Miniatures are largely unaffected as we have good stocks of most codes (except those available to special order).

Black Hat Miniatures – changes from 24 April

As from 24 April, Black Hat Miniatures will no longer be available through the Fighting 15s website, although we will still be at shows with them along with Mike Lewis of Black Hat Miniatures. We have provided a shopfront for Black Hat for 18 months, and Mike now feels able to devote time to his own web shop. Black Hat Miniatures will be available from from the above date, and credit card payments will be acceptable only via PayPal. Pre-orders for Salute (22 April) should still be made through Fighting 15s, and can be placed by phone, post, email or via the web shop.

Huzzah! revised

I have recently revised the first edition of Huzzah!, my tactical Napoleonic wargames rules, to incorporate some more observations by players. The changes are minor and largely clarifications, but one makes a difference to the points system and another makes a difference to sighting the guns in artillery bombardment.

The rules are available for download at

You would think, however, that with figures to sell I should be encouraging games such as General de Brigade instead. 🙂 The remoreseless plugging of rules for figures will have to wait for Huzzah! 2.

Spam filters and email

For some reason, our spam filter has taken to intercepting some email enquiries about AB Figures and Eureka Miniatures. There may be a delay in replying to email as we only inspect the spam folder occasionally.

Please note that we aim to answer all emails within 48 hours of receipt, so if you have not had a reply by then your email may well have been classified as spam. We recommend that in any message that you use the names of one of the manufacturers we supply (for example, AB Figures, or Eureka Miniatures) in the subject header.