The shipping forecast: AB Figures

We hope to have 15mm AB Austrian Napoleonics in stock this week, and just in time for Salute. They, and the Imperial French (not the Imperial Guard nor the French generals), the Jena Prussians and the Early Russians are the only lines from AB we are likely to have at Salute. We will have only unit and bargain packs at Salute, not individual AB figures.

The Imperial Guard, French staff sets and the early French are due to ship from Eureka this week. Future consignments then run in order as follows: Confederation of the Rhine; Britain, Spain, Brunswick; Late Prussians and Russians. We will keep you posted when these are dispatched from Eureka.

In addition to these orders, which in essence are our basic stock of AB Figures, there are weekly consignments for all the orders placed so far for troops not yet in stock. These have now started to roll in steadily, and we hope to keep to our four to five week schedule for orders for AB Figures.

Please remember that all 15mm AB Figures are now cast by Eureka Miniatures in Australia. There is no way that we can humanly obtain AB Figures any faster than the times advised above: Eureka itself is advising of a 14 to 21 day delay in dispatch of orders.

Orders for Eureka Miniatures are largely unaffected as we have good stocks of most codes (except those available to special order).

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