Oddzial Osmy: latest arrivals

The shop now has the latest releases from Oddzial Osmy.

Just one box joins the 15mm Napoleonics: NS-03 Saxon Chevaulegers for 1806-09. Priced at £9.50, it includes 15 figures and flags for the four regiments.

The 1:600 modern US and Soviet armies are joined by the UH-1 Iroquois, ZSU 23-4, Mi-24D Hind D, BRM and T72. The first West German vehicles have also arrived: Leopard 1A4, Marder 1A2, Luchs, M109 GA2, PzMorzer M113G, Jaguar 1, and Marder 1A2 with infantry. Packs are £2.00 each for 15 vehicles or 8 helicopters, except the Marder 1A2 with infantry, which is £4.00, and consists of 30 pieces.

More moderns will be available shortly, including Bradleys and Fuchs.

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