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Scale Creep 15mm American Civil War figures

Scale Creep's new range of 15mm ACW figures is available in the shop for advance orders. The range is now due for release around mid-July and we hope to have stock shortly afterwards.

The range currently comprises infantry only, with cavalry and artillery due later in the year. The first vignette will be available slightly after the infantry. Sculptor Alan Marsh has ranges such as Eureka's 18mm Napoleonics to his credit, so the quality of these figures should easily live up to the pictures.

Advance orders will be supplied as soon as the figures come into stock. We recommend that you use the 128-bit secure server option for payment because we can then process an order manually and charge for the figures only when they become available.

New arrivals from Oddzial Osmy

The latest arrivals from Oddzial Osmy are now in the shop. Additions include:


1:600 Moderns, all GBP2.20 except where indicated

SA-620 T55 ARV (BTS 2), SA-621 T64BV, SA-622 BM 21 Grad (+ BTR 60 PU)

US-614 MUTT + Stinger, US-615 M2/M3 Bradley, US-616 Chapparal, US-6101 M2 Bradley + infantry (GBP4.40)

BW-603 M113G, BW-604 Fuchs, BW-610 Leopard 1A1


New 15mm Medievals
ML-01 Lithuanian boyars (GBP9.50)

AB Figures downloadable list updated

Our downloadable list of codes for individual AB Figures has been updated. The list is available in the Downloads section of the site.

The changes are minor: some codes and descriptions have been corrected.

AB Figures: latest shipping forecast and updates

The shop has been updated over the weekend to include pictures of the Jena Prussians, late Prussians and British. We hope to have pictures of the Russians in the next few days.

The only 15mm ranges currently in stock from AB Figures are the Napoleonic French (Imperial), early French heavy cavalry, Jena Prussians, Early Russians and Austrians (not revolutionary). All other ranges are subject to a five-week shipping delay because we have to order in items specially. This situation is unlikely to change until late 2006. The next ranges we hope to have in stock are the early French, the French Imperial Guard and the French staff sets: they will not arrive for at least one month.

New logo for Fighting 15s


I’m sure that observant customers have noticed that Fighting 15s has never had a logo since it started in 1999. That has now changed, and the logo will gradually creep into use on products such as Flags for AB.

Catching up after Cannonade

We are still running slowly after our return from Cannonade. All web orders that we can fulfil from stock and which were placed over the weekend have now been processed, and over the next few days we will be working on mail orders and orders for AB Figures to be taken from the latest consignment (0054) to arrive from Eureka.

My new glasses are not working as intended, and I’ve been having to cut short my working days to rest my eyes.

Flashing Blade joins Fighting 15s line-up

Flashing Blade 10mm Napoleonics have joined the lines we stock. The initial figures are infantry packs for the 1815 campaign; cavalry and artillery will be joining the range soon. Pictures will be available shortly for the online shop.

Flashing Blade is a new company based in Southampton, UK (just across the Solent from Fighting 15s), and we’ve known about the figures since before Warfare 2005. The big change with AB Figures unfortunately put back our plans to stock Flashing Blade, but we now feel confident to go ahead with the range.

We should also have news of another manufacturer joining our line-up soon.

Back from Cannonade

It's Monday evening and I have just arrived back from Cannonade, slightly shattered after 11 hours of travelling. I have already tackled a few emails and will get down to dealing with orders placed over the weekend on Tuesday.

Stocks of some Oddzial Osmy codes are non-existent after Cannonade, although I am expecting fresh stock within a week. A re-order for Shadowforge will be going off tomorrow, along with a request for some of the new characters: this order will take about two to three weeks to arrive.

Summer shutdown – advance warning

Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures goes on his world tour, taking in Historicon and Claymore this year, from about 19 July to 11 August. During this period, less casting takes place and therefore orders for Eureka Miniatures and AB Figures will take about one month longer to fulfil. If anyone is thinking about figures for painting projects over the long wet weeks of the British summer, then early July is the cut-off point for orders.

Fighting 15s will probably be closing for two weeks during July or August, but we have yet to decide which weeks will be affected.

Oddzial Osmy 1:600 Moderns – price rises

Oddzial Osmy increased the prices of its 1:600 modern AFVs by 10 per cent a few weeks ago, and our shop prices have now followed suit. We held the prices during the initial release of West Germans, but cannot absorb the difference for future consignments. A Series 1 pack now costs £2.20 and a Series 2 pack now costs £4.40.