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Eureka Miniatures 15mm WW2 Japanese

The above figures are in stock and available in the online shop. Please note that I am still on holiday and orders will not be dispatched until August.

AB Figures: late Prussians arrive

Or “Prussians arrive late”, depending on your viewpoint.

Our stock-up order of 1812-15 Prussians has arrived, and the codes for this nation should now largely be in stock. There may, however, be exceptions, as we have yet to check over the order.

The next nation we will be trying to get into stock will be the 1812-15 Russians, but this probably won’t be until September.

Eureka 18mm Seven Years War Austrians

Eureka’s 18mm SYW Austrians are in stock and in the online shop. Please note that various types of infantry (musketeers, grenadiers and grenzers) are available in the drop-down menus for the basic entry for Austrian infantry. We will gradually be converting other ranges in the online shop to this format to reduce the size of shop pages.