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Farewell Economy Air, hello higher import costs

Australia Post is discontinuing its economy air service from 1 September. This has been the means by which most of our deliveries from Eureka have been arriving.

Unfortunately, the only real option is to use ordinary airmail, but this will add about 10% to 12% to the cost of all figures from Australia, including 15mm AB Figures and all of Eureka’s ranges.

Initially we will be holding all prices to gauge the impact of higher shipping charges and to check how they will affect prices. Of all the figures that we import, mounted figures are most likely to rise in price because horses typically weigh two to three times as much as their riders.

Wargames Shows in 2006

Fighting 15s is next at SELWG (Crystal Palace, London, Sunday 22 October) and Warfare (Reading, 18-19 November).

Black Hat Miniatures shares a stand with us at all shows that we attend in England. Following Black Hat’s acquisition of Gladiator Games/Coat D’Arms Paints we will be at SELWG, and possibly at Vapnartak (York, February 2007). This may change our intended line-up of shows in February 2007.

Note that depending on the organisers’ ability to adjust floorplans, we may therefore be identified on floor plans as one or more of the following: Fighting 15s, Eureka Miniatures, Black Hat Miniatures, Gladiator Games.

Subject to the above, we intend our 2007 line-up to include A Call To Arms (Theale, near Reading, February), Cavalier (near Tunbridge Wells, February), Salute (London, 21 April), and Cannonade (Falkirk, 12 May), Valhalla (Farnborough, June), Claymore (Edinburgh, August) and Colours (Newbury, September). For all shows in Scotland we attend as Fighting 15s/Eureka Miniatures, and offer some Black Hat figures for sale.

We cannot take every range to shows, and those we do take are usually prepacked. To ensure that we have exactly what you want please order in advance by phone.

We are not likely to have many AB Figures available to casual buyers at any show in 2006 because stock levels are not sufficient to take them in quantity. To ensure that we have 15mm AB Figures for you at any shows we attend, you should order them in advance by phone or email. We expect this situation to change only in 2007.

Please note that we cannot take credit or debit cards at shows. If you order in advance, we can take card details and process payment in the week before the show.

Postage rates drop

Postage, packing and handling rates calculated by the online shop are now typically GBP1.00 less than they have been over the past year. We have in effect dropped the handling fee because the level of orders we now receive is such that it is possible to do so.

All you should now pay is postage (recorded delivery in the UK, small packet air elsewhere) plus 50p to cover packing materials. Insurance still automatically kicks in for orders weighing more than 750g, or over 300g outside Europe.

The shop also calculates postage based on the packet rates due to come into force on 21 August, because these rates are on the whole cheaper.

Scale Creep 15/18mm ACW in stock

Scale Creep’s initial releases in its new range of 18mm (large 15mm) ACW figures are now in stock and available in the Fighting 15s online shop.

Releases include nine packs of infantry, three packs of infantry command, six infantry regiment packs, and the Chancellorsville vignette. We will be getting in the bare-headed infantry, cavalry and artillery, as they are released.

The arrival of the figures means that we have been able to do a size comparison with AB’s own large 15mm ACW figures (ex-Polly Oliver). As far as the infantry goes, there’s not much in it, and we’re fairly confident that you can use the Scale Creep figures alongside those from AB.

Packs of eight figures are GBP3.00, regiments of 24 figures including command are GBP9.00, and the vignette is GBP3.35.

Fighting 15s goes Dutch

We have just added to the range of 15mm Flags for AB with the following Hanoverian, Dutch, and Dutch-Belgian flags:

HAN-F01 Hanoverian Legion, plus Hanoverian infantry 1813-15 (10)
DUT-F01 Kingdom of Holland infantry 1806-10 (8)
DUT-F02 United Provinces infantry 1815 (8)
DUT-F03 United Provinces jagers & militia 1815 (8)
DUT-F04 Holland 1806-10 and United Provinces 1815 cavalry (12)

Flags are GBP3.00 per sheet and contain the number of flags indicated in brackets.

Postage rates: changes from 21 August

The Royal Mail is changing how it calculates postage from 21 August, moving from a weight-only system to a weight and size system. As Fighting 15s usually only sends out what are categorised as packets, the changes mean that orders up to 200g will typically be more expensive to send, orders from 201g to 1000g will be cheaper to send, and postage on orders over 1000g will remain the same. International orders are unaffected.

On the whole, unless you order only one or two figures, postage is cheaper using the new rates.

Because many orders placed now will be sent using the new rates, the shopping cart is already using them. Orders placed by phone or email and which are ready for dispatch will continue to use the old rates.