Oddzial Osmy: 1/600th British modern AFVs in stock

We now have in stock the following new releases from Oddzial Osmy:

1/600th Modern AFVs, British
UK-601 Chieftain V/IX (15 pcs.)
UK-602 FV 432 (15 pcs)
UK-603 FV 432 (GPMG turret) (15 pcs)
UK-604 FV 432 Mortar (15 pcs)
UK-605 FV 438 Swingfire (15 pcs)
UK-606 Spartan (15 pcs)
UK-607 FV 435 and Sultan (7 + 7 pcs)
UK-608 Scorpion (15 pcs)
UK-6100 FV 432 + infantry (15 + 15 pcs)

Packs are GBP2.20 except UK-6100 which is GBP4.40.

15mm Napoleonic
NA-11 Austrian Dragoons 1809 (15 pcs)

Napoleonic cavalry packs are GBP9.50 (which works out at about 63 pence per figure).

All the above codes are now available in the online shop.

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