Scale Creep 15/18mm ACW in stock

Scale Creep’s initial releases in its new range of 18mm (large 15mm) ACW figures are now in stock and available in the Fighting 15s online shop.

Releases include nine packs of infantry, three packs of infantry command, six infantry regiment packs, and the Chancellorsville vignette. We will be getting in the bare-headed infantry, cavalry and artillery, as they are released.

The arrival of the figures means that we have been able to do a size comparison with AB’s own large 15mm ACW figures (ex-Polly Oliver). As far as the infantry goes, there’s not much in it, and we’re fairly confident that you can use the Scale Creep figures alongside those from AB.

Packs of eight figures are GBP3.00, regiments of 24 figures including command are GBP9.00, and the vignette is GBP3.35.

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