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AB Figures and Eureka consignments arrive

Consignments 0062 and 0063 arrived this weekend as I went and collected them specially from the depot. Together, these consignments weigh in at about 60kg, which is an awful lot of toy soldiers to receive at once (try envisaging a stack of boxes piled into a 2ft by 2ft by 2ft cube).

Be assured that I will be working very hard to get orders out in a timely fashion, but it may be a week before all orders are dispatched. Until I have sorted through all the boxes I will not know exactly what has arrived and what has not (as well as what has arrived but was not expected!).

These are the first consignments of AB Figures and Eureka Miniatures that I have received from Eureka since mid-July. The long delay is in part due to Eureka’s summer break, and in part due to Eureka’s casting machine breaking down.

I have also just had in a consignment from Oddzial Osmy and am expecting one from Aude in the next few days, so I will be very busy indeed.

Eureka: 40mm Four Musketeers

A partial shipment from Eureka (the rest is still in customs) has brought the 40mm Four Musketeers figures back into stock.

We have restructured how this range is available in the Fighting 15s shop. Individual packs of scenery and game counters are now available, as is a pack of four Cardinal’s Guard.

Prices have been held low since the range’s release in 2005, but have now had to rise (nine months is long enough for a special introductory offer!).

The main And One For All set has risen from GBP31.75 (cheaper than Eureka’s own price in Australia) to GBP34.75. Individual scenery sets are GBP3.50, the ornamental well is GBP7.00, and the new Fighting 15s sword-fodder offering of four Cardinal’s Guard plus wound counters is GBP14.95.

AB Figures: special order only

Long shipping delays from Australia mean that we currently have severely depleted stocks of some 15mm AB Figures. This means there may be a wait of five to six weeks before we can fulfil orders for AB Figures. Accordingly, we have placed the entire AB Figures range on special order only: this means that we cannnot guarantee to have stock of every code.

Realistically, and regrettably, this applies retrospectively to all orders placed in September.

For all orders for AB Figures, we therefore recommend you use the Secure Server option when paying by card. This allows us to process payment manually and to charge your card only when the figures are available for dispatch.

Back from Colours, next show SELWG

I arrived back from Colours today (Monday) and will get down to processing orders placed since Thursday 7 September as soon as possible. The earliest I expect to dispatch orders is 12 September.

Fighting 15s will next be at SELWG, Crystal Palace, south west London, on 22 October. As at Colours, we will be sharing a stand with Mike Lewis of Black Hat Miniatures, with whom we usually work at shows across the UK. The stand may well be identified as Gladiator Games because Mike has just bought the company and therefore inherited the space at SELWG.

The stand will therefore be home to Fighting 15s’ ranges (Eureka, Shadowforge, Scale Creep, Flashing Blade, Oddzial Osmy and Flags for AB) as well as Black Hat’s ranges (Martian Empires, Napoleon in Egypt) plus Gladiator Miniatures and Coat D’arms paints). 15mm AB Figures will also be available to customers who order them from Fighting 15s in advance.