Back from Colours, next show SELWG

I arrived back from Colours today (Monday) and will get down to processing orders placed since Thursday 7 September as soon as possible. The earliest I expect to dispatch orders is 12 September.

Fighting 15s will next be at SELWG, Crystal Palace, south west London, on 22 October. As at Colours, we will be sharing a stand with Mike Lewis of Black Hat Miniatures, with whom we usually work at shows across the UK. The stand may well be identified as Gladiator Games because Mike has just bought the company and therefore inherited the space at SELWG.

The stand will therefore be home to Fighting 15s’ ranges (Eureka, Shadowforge, Scale Creep, Flashing Blade, Oddzial Osmy and Flags for AB) as well as Black Hat’s ranges (Martian Empires, Napoleon in Egypt) plus Gladiator Miniatures and Coat D’arms paints). 15mm AB Figures will also be available to customers who order them from Fighting 15s in advance.

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