Oddzial Osmy: new 1:600 Moderns and WWII

Oddzial Osmy’s new releases for September are now in stock and available to order in the Fighting 15s online shop. The releases are as follows:

1:600 Moderns

US Army
US-619 M1A1 Abrams
US-621 LVTP-7

West German Army
BW-614 Leopard 2A1/A4

Soviet Army
SA-626 Ural 375D

UK Army
UK-609 Scimitar
UK-610 Striker

1:600 WWII

WWH-610 Sdkfz 221
WWH-611 Sdkfz 231 (6-rad)
WWH-612 BMW R12 motorcykle
WWH-613 VW Kubelwagen

WPL-600 7TP jw
WPL-601 Vickers E jw
WPL-602 Armoured car wz34
WPL-603 Polish infantry
WPL-604 HMG wz30 and 81mm mortar
WPL-605 Bofors wz36 37mm AT gun
WPL-606 Horse limber for Bofors wz36

All the above packs are GBP2.20 each and contain 15 pieces. Infantry pieces are bases of typically four figures.

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