Eureka: 40mm Four Musketeers

A partial shipment from Eureka (the rest is still in customs) has brought the 40mm Four Musketeers figures back into stock.

We have restructured how this range is available in the Fighting 15s shop. Individual packs of scenery and game counters are now available, as is a pack of four Cardinal’s Guard.

Prices have been held low since the range’s release in 2005, but have now had to rise (nine months is long enough for a special introductory offer!).

The main And One For All set has risen from GBP31.75 (cheaper than Eureka’s own price in Australia) to GBP34.75. Individual scenery sets are GBP3.50, the ornamental well is GBP7.00, and the new Fighting 15s sword-fodder offering of four Cardinal’s Guard plus wound counters is GBP14.95.

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