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Christmas Lights special deal from Fighting 15s

To celebrate the launch of Eureka Miniatures UK, Fighting 15s has a special Christmas Lights deal on French chasseurs a pied in the 15mm AB Figures range.

Until 20 December you can order three battalions of 36 French light infantry 1806-12 plus 18 extra flank company skirmishing figures for GBP45.00 – a saving of GBP5.40 on the price of the figures bought individually (making the equivalent price per figure less than 36 pence). The deal is available now in the Fighting 15s online shop and is ideal for players of General de Brigade.

Christmas Lights deals will not be dispatched until after Warfare on 18 and 19 November, but a limited number will be available for purchase at the show. The special offer ends on 20 December 2006.

Stock will be provided as licensed figures cast in the UK by Eureka Miniatures UK. Battalions will comprise the appropriate number of flank company figures marching, with the balance comprising centre company figures marching and command figures. The composition of battalions is at the discretion of Fighting 15s and specific variants cannot be specified.

Note that ordering the Christmas Lights deal in addition to other figures from the Fighting 15s shop may result in your order being delayed until the other figures come into stock. If you want your Christmas Lights deal to arrive in time for Christmas, order them on their own. Customers outside the UK should order the deal before 30 November to have a chance of receiving the figures before Christmas.

AB & Eureka consignments update

Consignment 0066 has arrived from Australia and we are currently sorting out stock and dispatching orders. The consignment includes outstanding orders from the first two weeks of September.

Fighting 15s takes a break

Fighting 15s will be closed on Monday 16 October until about 1pm on Tuesday 17 October while we shift stock in preparation for SELWG on Sunday 22 October. During this time no one will be able to answer the phones or process online orders.

AB Figures & Eureka consignments

Consignment 0065 has arrived from Eureka, along with what appears to be consignment 0066 (the boxes are unidentified). Orders from these consignments will be dispatched as soon as possible.

Included in consignment 0065 was the first shipment of Eureka 15/18mm 1806 Saxons, almost all of which are spoken for. Again, orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible.

15mm 1848 Italians from Aude

We have at long last had the rest of our shipment of 15mm figures from Aude for the First Italian War of Independence 1848. The figures are now in the online shop, priced GBP8.50 per pack (GBP8.00 for the resin barricades).

The range currently consists of the following codes:

Sardinia (Piedmontese Army)
RS001 Infantry
RS002 Granatieri de Sardegna
RS003 Bersaglieri
RS004 Line artillery
RS005 Dragoons
RS006 Horse carabiniers
RS007 Piedmontese generals

AU001 German line infantry
AU002 Jagers
AU003 Line artillery
AS010 Generals

MI001 Civilian insurgents
MI002 Barricades

Venice & Vicenza
VE001 Guardia Civica
VE003 Galateo battalion and Crociati vicentri

Papal States & Roman Republic
RO001 Swiss Line infantry
RO010 Generals (inc Garibaldi & Mazzini)

Packs consist of 24 infantry, 12 cavalry, 2 guns & crew, or four mounted generals and four foot officers. Additions are planned across the range, except the Sardinians which appear to be complete from Aude’s lists.

Now we have a reasonable range of figures in stock, we will begin photographing them for the shop. Pictures should appear in the near future.

Fighting 15s and Eureka Miniatures UK

Fighting 15s can now also be contacted as Eureka Miniatures UK, and the web addresses and are both valid and will direct browsers to the Fighting 15s shop.

Fighting 15s has established Eureka Miniatures UK with a view to casting some Eureka ranges under licence to help reduce or eliminate shipping charges of heavier items from Australia, and to improve the availability in Europe of some codes within the Eureka Miniatures stable.

Items in the shop that are available as UK castings will have the suffix UK after the code number. It will be January 2007 at least before a noticeable number of figures are available in this way. Figures with a UK suffix may be supplied either from original stock from Eureka Miniatures of Australia or from licensed stock from Eureka Miniatures UK.

Note that Eureka Miniatures UK is simply the casting arm of Fighting 15s (like Oozlum Games is the publishing arm). Fighting 15s will continue to trade under its existing name.

15mm Flags for AB: the Prussian Army 1740-1807

Our Flags for AB range of 15mm paper flags has been joined by 41 sheets for the Prussian Army from 1740 to 1807.

The flags completely replace the old Leibfahne range of flags for 1806, which is now out of print. The range has been completely redone by the same designer responsible for our recent 1806-14 Saxon flags. Variant flags are included for infantry regiments whose flags changed pattern during or after the Seven Years War, making the range truly suitable for the Prussian army of this period.

Sheets are GBP3.00 each and contain 8 infantry or 12 cavalry flags. However, we also have three special Burn the Colours deals, allowing you to issue or re-issue your entire Prussian army with flags: Old Fritz’s Army offers 37 sheets of flags for the Seven Years War for GBP100.00; Queen Louisa’s Parade provides 36 sheets suitable for 1806-07 for GBP97.00; and the Pro Gloria Et Patria deal allows you to buy all 41 sheets for GBP110.00.

The flags are suitable either for AB Figures stunning 15mm Jena Prussians or Eureka Miniatures’ excellent 18mm Seven Years War range.

The range has been carefully researched, and “colonel’s discretion” applied where differences have arisen in sources.

For copyright reasons we regret that we do not illustrate the range on the internet. However, Fighting 15s is issuing flags to its own 1806 Prussians and will upload images of the flags in use in the near future.

The flags are available in the online shop at

Eureka 28mm Amazons, Centaurs & Satyrs

Eureka’s new 28mm Amazons, Centaurs and Satyrs are now in stock and available in the online shop under the category Myths.

Eureka 28mm Colonial gunboat guns

Eureka’s new gunboat guns and crew in its 28mm Colonials range are now in stock and available in the online shop.

AB & Eureka consignments update

I am still sorting through consignments 0062 and 0063, and all but one outstanding order on these consignments has been fulfilled.

Consignment 0064 is due in today. However, because all the trays I use for sorting are full, I am unlikely to be able to process orders from this consignment until the end of the week. Consignment 0064 contains the 28mm gunboat guns and crews that a number of customers are waiting for (which means I will also have these at SELWG).

Consignment 0065 left Australia today and will take about two weeks to arrive. Unfortunately, the 18mm 1806 Saxons missed the boat and I will probably not have these until late October.