15mm Flags for AB: the Prussian Army 1740-1807

Our Flags for AB range of 15mm paper flags has been joined by 41 sheets for the Prussian Army from 1740 to 1807.

The flags completely replace the old Leibfahne range of flags for 1806, which is now out of print. The range has been completely redone by the same designer responsible for our recent 1806-14 Saxon flags. Variant flags are included for infantry regiments whose flags changed pattern during or after the Seven Years War, making the range truly suitable for the Prussian army of this period.

Sheets are GBP3.00 each and contain 8 infantry or 12 cavalry flags. However, we also have three special Burn the Colours deals, allowing you to issue or re-issue your entire Prussian army with flags: Old Fritz’s Army offers 37 sheets of flags for the Seven Years War for GBP100.00; Queen Louisa’s Parade provides 36 sheets suitable for 1806-07 for GBP97.00; and the Pro Gloria Et Patria deal allows you to buy all 41 sheets for GBP110.00.

The flags are suitable either for AB Figures stunning 15mm Jena Prussians or Eureka Miniatures’ excellent 18mm Seven Years War range.

The range has been carefully researched, and “colonel’s discretion” applied where differences have arisen in sources.

For copyright reasons we regret that we do not illustrate the range on the internet. However, Fighting 15s is issuing flags to its own 1806 Prussians and will upload images of the flags in use in the near future.

The flags are available in the online shop at www.fighting15sshop.co.uk.

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