Fighting 15s and Eureka Miniatures UK

Fighting 15s can now also be contacted as Eureka Miniatures UK, and the web addresses and are both valid and will direct browsers to the Fighting 15s shop.

Fighting 15s has established Eureka Miniatures UK with a view to casting some Eureka ranges under licence to help reduce or eliminate shipping charges of heavier items from Australia, and to improve the availability in Europe of some codes within the Eureka Miniatures stable.

Items in the shop that are available as UK castings will have the suffix UK after the code number. It will be January 2007 at least before a noticeable number of figures are available in this way. Figures with a UK suffix may be supplied either from original stock from Eureka Miniatures of Australia or from licensed stock from Eureka Miniatures UK.

Note that Eureka Miniatures UK is simply the casting arm of Fighting 15s (like Oozlum Games is the publishing arm). Fighting 15s will continue to trade under its existing name.

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