15mm 1848 Italians from Aude

We have at long last had the rest of our shipment of 15mm figures from Aude for the First Italian War of Independence 1848. The figures are now in the online shop, priced GBP8.50 per pack (GBP8.00 for the resin barricades).

The range currently consists of the following codes:

Sardinia (Piedmontese Army)
RS001 Infantry
RS002 Granatieri de Sardegna
RS003 Bersaglieri
RS004 Line artillery
RS005 Dragoons
RS006 Horse carabiniers
RS007 Piedmontese generals

AU001 German line infantry
AU002 Jagers
AU003 Line artillery
AS010 Generals

MI001 Civilian insurgents
MI002 Barricades

Venice & Vicenza
VE001 Guardia Civica
VE003 Galateo battalion and Crociati vicentri

Papal States & Roman Republic
RO001 Swiss Line infantry
RO010 Generals (inc Garibaldi & Mazzini)

Packs consist of 24 infantry, 12 cavalry, 2 guns & crew, or four mounted generals and four foot officers. Additions are planned across the range, except the Sardinians which appear to be complete from Aude’s lists.

Now we have a reasonable range of figures in stock, we will begin photographing them for the shop. Pictures should appear in the near future.

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