Oddzial Osmy: 1:600 WWII French and more moderns

Oddzial Osmy’s latest releases in its 1:600 line of Modern and WWII AFVs have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s.

The WWII line sees the first entries for the early war French, plus additions to the Polish and Germans. The Moderns have additions for the West German Army, US Army and British Army.

The releases in full are as follows:

WWII French
WFR600 Char B1bis
WFR601 Somua S35
WFR602 Renault R35

WWII Polish
WPL607 7TP dw (two-turret version)
WPL608 TK-3 tankette

WWII German

Modern US
US622 LAV-25
US623 AH-1W Super Cobra (USMC version)

Modern West German
BW615 Leopard 2A5

Modern British
UK611 M107 (+ Land Rover)
UK612 M110A2 (+ Land Rover)
UK614 Land Rover 110

Packs cost GBP2.20 each and comprise 15 AFVs or 8 helicopters. All codes are available now in the Fighting 15s online store.


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