Coat D’Arms paints and brushes now in stock

Fighting 15s now stocks the Coat D’Arms range of acrylic paints, textured paints and brushes. The range is now available in the online shop.

Coat D’Arms paints and brushes are some of the finest that Fighting 15s has come across in its time as a painting service, and therefore we can confidently recommend them as suitable for the many ranges of toy soldiers we stock.

Colours are arranged in the shop in two ways: grouped by hue or type, and a quick-pick list. Grouping by hue or type allows you to quickly see a range of a particular colour, such as greens, or type, such as metallics, all on one web page. Hue groups have been chosen by physical inspection of the colours as unfortunately colour swatches on the web offer only an approximation of the colour.

The quick-pick option presents drop-down menus to select individual paints from the Fantasy, Military and World War II paint ranges. Quick-pick is the quickest way of ordering paint if you already know what a colour looks like.

Coat D’Arms Brushscape is a range of textured paint ideal for building up bases. It is available in 60ml pots at GBP3.75 a pot.

The Fantasy, Military and World War II paints are available in 18ml pots at GBP1.40 a pot, making them better value by far than Foundry or Games Workshop paints.

Also in stock are both the Professional and Superstar ranges of brushes, in sizes from 000 to 3. Superstar brushes are white synthetic fibre brushes and cost GBP1.75 each. Professional brushes are brown synthetic fibre brushes with ergonomically designed handles; they cost GBP2.25 each.

Unfortunately, we have decided not to stock the excellent spray paints and varnishes by Coat D’Arms as the Royal Mail’s regulations mean that it is illegal to send aerosols by post.

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