Christmas Lights special deal from Fighting 15s

To celebrate the launch of Eureka Miniatures UK, Fighting 15s has a special Christmas Lights deal on French chasseurs a pied in the 15mm AB Figures range.

Until 20 December you can order three battalions of 36 French light infantry 1806-12 plus 18 extra flank company skirmishing figures for GBP45.00 – a saving of GBP5.40 on the price of the figures bought individually (making the equivalent price per figure less than 36 pence). The deal is available now in the Fighting 15s online shop and is ideal for players of General de Brigade.

Christmas Lights deals will not be dispatched until after Warfare on 18 and 19 November, but a limited number will be available for purchase at the show. The special offer ends on 20 December 2006.

Stock will be provided as licensed figures cast in the UK by Eureka Miniatures UK. Battalions will comprise the appropriate number of flank company figures marching, with the balance comprising centre company figures marching and command figures. The composition of battalions is at the discretion of Fighting 15s and specific variants cannot be specified.

Note that ordering the Christmas Lights deal in addition to other figures from the Fighting 15s shop may result in your order being delayed until the other figures come into stock. If you want your Christmas Lights deal to arrive in time for Christmas, order them on their own. Customers outside the UK should order the deal before 30 November to have a chance of receiving the figures before Christmas.

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