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Eureka and AB consignments

Consignment 0069 has arrived and we will be fulfilling back orders from 3 to 16 October over the next week.

All Hail The Frog King! – more Toy Town from Eureka


Eureka’s additions to the 28mm Warrior Frogs, including the awesome Frog King on Litter set, and the new 28mm Toy Town faux wooden soldiers are now in stock and available in the online shop.


Wargames shows in 2007

Fighting 15s is at the following wargames shows in 2007:  Cavalier (Tonbridge, Kent, 25 February), Salute (London, 21 April), Carronade (Falkirk, 12 May), Claymore (Edinburgh, 4 August) and Colours (Newbury, September), SELWG (Crystal Palace, London, October) and Warfare (Reading, November).

Black Hat Miniatures shares a stand with us at all shows that we attend in England. Following Black Hat’s acquisition of Gladiator Games/Coat D’Arms Paints we may potentially be identified on floorplans as any one of these names, but most commonly we will be identified as Fighting 15s/Black Hat Miniatures. For all shows in Scotland we attend as Fighting 15s/Eureka Miniatures.

We cannot take every range to shows, and most of those we do take are usually sold as unit packs. To ensure that we have exactly what you want please order in advance by phone or email.
We are happy to take advance orders by phone or email for 15mm AB Figures to be collected at shows. We do not sell AB Figures individually at shows, and often have only a limited selection of battalion or unit packs. Until supplies of AB Figures to the UKimporve, this situation is unlikely to change.

Please note that we cannot take credit or debit cards at shows. If you order in advance, we can take card details and process payment in the week before the show.

Warfare weekend, 18-19 November

It’s Warfare on 18 and 19 November, and we are now busy getting ready for the show. Orders placed in the online shop will not be processed until 21 November at the earliest.

It is now too late to place advance orders for the show. Except for the Christmas Lights special deal on French light infantry for General de Brigade, we will not have 15mm AB Figures at Warfare.

15mm AB Figures: UK horse castings

The arrival of our latest consignments acts as a reminder that from now on, horses for 15mm AB Figures will be cast in the UK just as soon as we use up our large stocks of imported AB horses. This will probably happen in January or February 2007.

Eureka Miniatures UK castings use a different, higher tin-content alloy from Australian-made AB horses. Castings are therefore lighter and stronger. As the moulds are made for us by Eureka Miniatures in Australia, you should notice no other difference in quality. One benefit is that the UK-sourced figures will work out cheaper to post if ordered in bulk.

Horses account for the greatest proportion by weight of our orders from Australia, and casting them in the UK will hopefully allow us to offset the rise in postage charges that have resulted from Australia Post’s decision to end its economy airmail service.

New look for Fighting 15s shop

The design of the shop has been overhauled to bring it more into line with online shops that use OS Commerce. Note that we do not use OS Commerce itself, and the change is just down to clever template editing. The new shop uses Fighting 15s’ colours for a more uniform look, and allows special items to be featured in the side bars.

Organisation of items within the shop is the same as it always has been, with the space-saving two-column layout of categories and products.

One quirk of the new design is that some pictures show smaller than they used to, even when clicked on to obtain a larger image, and we will gradually be replacing these with bigger pictures.

Fighting 15s: greener than ever

A recent change of office computer from desktop to a less power hungry laptop means that our wind and solar electricity generating system can now keep the essential office electrics running most of the time throughout the year.

We already use environmentally friendly packing materials where possible, including biodegradable packing beads, and have a policy of reusing or recycling packing materials provided in deliveries from other companies. That does mean from time to time customers will get their figures in secondhand grip-seal bags, boxes or padded envelopes, protected by re-used bubblewrap or packing beads. We do not ourselves buy in either bubblewrap or padded bags made from hard to recycle composite materials.

Our green credentials are not perfect, and it will be some time before we can get the casting side of the business running on “free” energy, or move to greener ways of heating the studio, but ultimately we aim to get there.

With the change of computer, that means a quite well specified Apple Mac G4 Cube and 17in display are available to anyone in the UK who makes a fair offer. It’s a lovely computer, but the alternative energy system couldn’t keep it going in winter.