Fighting 15s: greener than ever

A recent change of office computer from desktop to a less power hungry laptop means that our wind and solar electricity generating system can now keep the essential office electrics running most of the time throughout the year.

We already use environmentally friendly packing materials where possible, including biodegradable packing beads, and have a policy of reusing or recycling packing materials provided in deliveries from other companies. That does mean from time to time customers will get their figures in secondhand grip-seal bags, boxes or padded envelopes, protected by re-used bubblewrap or packing beads. We do not ourselves buy in either bubblewrap or padded bags made from hard to recycle composite materials.

Our green credentials are not perfect, and it will be some time before we can get the casting side of the business running on “free” energy, or move to greener ways of heating the studio, but ultimately we aim to get there.

With the change of computer, that means a quite well specified Apple Mac G4 Cube and 17in display are available to anyone in the UK who makes a fair offer. It’s a lovely computer, but the alternative energy system couldn’t keep it going in winter.

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