15mm AB Figures: UK horse castings

The arrival of our latest consignments acts as a reminder that from now on, horses for 15mm AB Figures will be cast in the UK just as soon as we use up our large stocks of imported AB horses. This will probably happen in January or February 2007.

Eureka Miniatures UK castings use a different, higher tin-content alloy from Australian-made AB horses. Castings are therefore lighter and stronger. As the moulds are made for us by Eureka Miniatures in Australia, you should notice no other difference in quality. One benefit is that the UK-sourced figures will work out cheaper to post if ordered in bulk.

Horses account for the greatest proportion by weight of our orders from Australia, and casting them in the UK will hopefully allow us to offset the rise in postage charges that have resulted from Australia Post’s decision to end its economy airmail service.

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