Oddzial Osmy releases for November


The following codes from Oddzial Osmy in its 1:600 Modern and WWII ranges have now arrived in stock. The items are all available in the shop, and advance orders for the figures are being dispatched today.

1:600 Moderns

US Army
US-624 LAV-25 AT (TUA)
US-625 LAV-25 Mortar

Soviet Army
SA-628 152mm D-20 (+ BTR-60PU)

British Army
UK-615 M109 (+ Land Rover 110)

West German Army
BW-616 Jaguar 2

1:600 WWII

German Army
WWH-615 Pz 35(t)
WWH-616 Pz 38(t)
WWH-617 Sdkfz 251B

French Army
WFR-603 Hotchkiss H-35
WFR-604 Hotchkiss H-39

Polish Army
WPL-609 Vickers E dw (two-turreted)

Packs cost GBP2.20 each and include either 15 pieces or 12+2 pieces. Codes are available now in the online store to order in advance.


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