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Armies and Enemies of Tekumel


Eureka has released a range of 28mm figures for Professor MAR Barker’s fantasy world of Tekumel. Initial releases in the Armies & Enemies of Tekumel range include General Kettukal and the First Legion of Ever-Present Glory. Further releases are scheduled for 2007.

Our initial supplies of these figures are due to arrive in the next few days. The figures are available now in the online shop, and orders will be fulfilled as soon as stock arrives.

Figures cost GBP1.20 each. Troopers in the range are provided without spears: you need to make your own.

Footnote: Orun hi Kharsan of the Clan of the Hall of Stone (my alter ego) knows that the metal helmets, swords and spear tips depicted in the colour pictures for this range aren’t accurate, and that coloured, laquered chlen hide should instead be used.

Oddzial Osmy releases for January


Fighting 15 is shortly expecting in stock the following new releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland:

1:600 Moderns

SA-631 SA-13 Gopher – MTLB based AA vehicle
SA-632 BTR-60P
BW-617 Jagdpanzer Kanone

1:600 WWII

WPL-611 Pz. Inz. 302 – tractor for 37mm AT gun
WPL-612 TKS – modified version of TK-3 tankette
WPL-613 Polski Fiat 621 – standard Polish truck in 1939

WWH-619 PAK 35/36 – 37mm AT gun
WWH-620 Krupp Kfz 69 – tractor for PAK 36

WFR-606 French HMG & mortar
WFR-607 Laffly 20TL – French all-terain truck, used in Dragons portes units
WFR-608 Panhard 178 – armoured car armed with 25mm AT gun
WFR-609 AMR 35 – light recon tank


Teutonic Order DBA Army – 19 horse and 26 foot figures

All the above codes are now listed in the online shop, and orders will be fulfilled as soon as items come into stock. The 1:600 WWII and modern AFV packs are GBP2.20 each; the DBA army is GBP19.95.


15mm AB Russian generals and militia

Russian personalities

Militia, a staff set, and a personality set are among the latest releases in the range of Napoleonic 15mm AB Figures from Eureka. Sculpted by Tony Barton, the militia figures include both St Petersburg and Moscow militia, and the personality set depicts Kutusov, Platov and Bagration.

Staff and personality sets cost GBP3.00 for three mounted figures; the militia costs the equivalent of 40 pence per figure.

The figures are in stock and available now in the online shop. Please note that all these new releases are cast by Eureka Miniatures in Australia, and it will take about five weeks to receive more once these first figures have gone.

Russian militia