Oddzial Osmy releases for January


Fighting 15 is shortly expecting in stock the following new releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland:

1:600 Moderns

SA-631 SA-13 Gopher – MTLB based AA vehicle
SA-632 BTR-60P
BW-617 Jagdpanzer Kanone

1:600 WWII

WPL-611 Pz. Inz. 302 – tractor for 37mm AT gun
WPL-612 TKS – modified version of TK-3 tankette
WPL-613 Polski Fiat 621 – standard Polish truck in 1939

WWH-619 PAK 35/36 – 37mm AT gun
WWH-620 Krupp Kfz 69 – tractor for PAK 36

WFR-606 French HMG & mortar
WFR-607 Laffly 20TL – French all-terain truck, used in Dragons portes units
WFR-608 Panhard 178 – armoured car armed with 25mm AT gun
WFR-609 AMR 35 – light recon tank


Teutonic Order DBA Army – 19 horse and 26 foot figures

All the above codes are now listed in the online shop, and orders will be fulfilled as soon as items come into stock. The 1:600 WWII and modern AFV packs are GBP2.20 each; the DBA army is GBP19.95.


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