Aude expands 15mm Italian independence range

Fighting 15s has just received the latest new releases from Aude in its 15mm range for the First Italian War of Independence 1848.

The new additions are extensive and help fill out all of the various forces in the range, leaving only a few packs to come.

The releases are as follows:

AU004 Hungarian Line Infantry
AU005 Grenzer

Borbonic Army
BB001 Borbonic Line Infantry
BB002 Swiss Regiment

Milan and Lombardy
MI003 Simonetta Legion
MI005 Legio Griffini, Placentia’s Crusades
MI006 Regular Lombard Line Infantry
MI007 Regular Lombard Artillery

Papal States & Roman Republic
RO002 Line Infantry
RO003 Rome University Volunteers
RO006 Artillery

Sicilian Republic & Naples

SI001 Sicilian & Neapolitan Volunteers
SI002 Picciotti &Civilian Insurgent

TO001 Line Infantry
TO002 Tuscan University Volunteers
TO004 Artillery

Venice & Vicenza
VE002 Veneto Volunteers
VE004 National Guard (Helmet)
VE005 Field Artillery
VE006 Naval Artillery
VE007 Hungarian Battalion, Polish Battalion

Aude’s packs are GBP8.50 each and contain 24 infantry, or 12 cavalry or 2 guns plus crew. Packs come with flags and a picture as a painting guide. We regret that we do not currently have photographs of these figures because Aude provides only shots of the blisters, which do not show the figures well.

We will have a limited number of special Army Packs from Aude at Salute 07.

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