New releases from Shadowforge and Laughing Monk


We have just had a new shipment of figures from Shadowforge of Australia, containing the latest releases in 28mm from Shadowforge and 32mm from Laughing Monk.

The Shadowforge releases are the long-awaited Valkryie Archers, available six to a pack (code 1FHVM104) for GBP9.50.

Laughing Monk has added six new characters to its range, all priced at GBP2.85:

LM0011 Anna the Spy
LM0012 Kurt Deadeye
LM0013 The Scarlet Woman
LM0014 Nitsume
LM0015 Kershan of the Steppes
LM0016 Natasha the Sniper

lm0013.jpg lm0011.jpg

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