Oddzial Osmy: latest 1:600 releases


The following new releases from Oddzial Osmy are now available.

1:600 Moderns

US-629 AH-64A Apache – ground attack helicopter
US-630 LAV-C & LAV-AD – command and anti-aircraft versions of LAV
US-631 HMMWV + Stinger – Humvee and Stinger team combo

SA-634 Mi-8 Hip – Soviet transport helicopter
SA-635 MTLB Shturm-S – MTLB armed with AT missile launcher
SA-636 UAZ-469 – 4×4 utility car

1:600 WWII

WWH-623 IG18 7.5cm – light infantry gun
WWH-624 Krupp Protze – light truck
WWH-625 Horch Kfz 15 – all-terrain car
WWH-626 Bf-109E – famous German fighter

WPL-614 Polski FIAT 508 – Polish light all-terrain car, two versions

Packs are priced at GBP2.20 each.


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