Oddzial Osmy price rises

Unfortunately the relationship of the Polish zloty and sterling has forced Oddzial Osmy to increase its prices to Fighting 15s. The prices of Oddzial Osmy 1:600 Moderns and WWII packs have therefore risen by 10 pence with immediate effect. That still makes each AFV cost only just over 15 pence.

Also, Fighting 15s has increased prices of Oddzial Osmy 15mm figures to their full RRP of GBP5.00 for a pack of 16 foot, and GBP10.00 for a pack of 32 foot or 15 mounted figures. Fighting 15s has been offering these figures at a slight discount ever since they have been stocked. However, the rises still make a foot figure cost the equivalent of just over 31 pence and a mounted figure just under 67 pence.

2 comments so far

  1. apan06 on

    Bad news… 😦

  2. oozlumgames on

    One of the regrettable effects of the current exchange rates. Comparing prices with other European sources of Oddzial Osmy figures, the new prices for the 1:600 ranges are actually still cheaper via Fighting 15s.

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