Carronade: Falkirk, Saturday 12 May

Fighting 15s has packed its bags ready for Carronade in Falkirk, Scotland, this Saturday and will be setting off early Friday morning by train.

A big first for Carronade is that it is the first show to which we have managed to take 15mm AB Figures in any quantity – and even then it is only a selection from the range. Our luggage contains two crates that are crammed full of 15mm Napoleonic AB Figures, with infantry pre-packed in battalions for General de Brigade (and other 1:20 games) and cavalry in 12s (which can be doubled up for GdeB).

Stock we are taking to the show includes:

15mm AB Napoleonic Imperial French, Early Russians (for Friedland), Staff Sets (all nations), Late Prussian infantry

15mm Flags for AB

18mm Eureka Napoleonic British and French

18mm Eureka Seven Years War Prussians and Austrians

20mm Eureka WWII Finns

28mm Eureka Pax Limpopo Personalities, Victorian Civilians, Indian Civilians, Pirates (Golden Age), Colonial Gunboat Guns, Kung Fu Schoolgirls, Tachankas, Frog King sets

40mm Eureka Four Musketeers

1:600 (3mm) Oddzial Osmy Modern and WWII vehicles and aircraft

15mm Oddzial Osmy Napoleonics

28mm Shadowforge warrior women figures

Supplies of some codes will by their nature be limited, and it is really is too late for any more advance orders. I can’t fit anything else in and really need to pack some clothes.

While I am away at Carronade, clearly no orders will be processed. I will begin dealing with orders again on Tuesday 15 May.

Carronade website:

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