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Eureka 28mm Arquebusiers de Grassin 1744-49


Eureka Miniatures’ Arquebusiers de Grassin 1744-49 are now listed in Fighting 15s online shop. The figures are currently available only to special order, which means orders will take about six weeks (possibly longer) to fulfil.

These distinctive figures, in the elaborate uniforms of the age, are finely detailed with lots of 18th century character. The basic rank and file code includes six different figure variants, in a variety of skirmishing poses befitting of the regiment’s traditional light infantry role. There is also an officer, standard bearer and horn blower to oversee everything.

Codes are as follows (variants, indicated in brackets, are supplied at random):

100AOR17 Arquebusiers de Grassin infantry (6)
100AOR18 Arquebusiers de Grassin officer (1)
100AOR19 Arquebusiers de Grassin standard bearer (1)
100AOR20 Arquebusiers de Grassin hornist (1)

Prices work out at GBP1.20 per figure. In addition, Fighting 15s offers a special unit pack of 21 other ranks and 3 command for GBP26.00, a saving of GBP2.80.

Unfortunately, although we knew these figures would be released this year, we had very short notice of their actual release date and have been unable to get them in stock in advance.

15mm Flags for AB: The Italian Job

Flags for the Kingdom of Italy and Kingdom of Naples are the latest arrivals in our 15mm Napoleonic Flags for AB range. The range covers the 1802, 1809 and 1813 pattern flags for the Kingdom of Italy, and the 1806, 1809 and 1814 pattern flags for the Kingdom of Naples.

The two Italian kingdoms provide some of the best and worst troops in Napoleon’s army, and are great subjects for gamers who just want to build small, entire Napoleonic forces, using easy conversions and paint jobs from 15mm Napoleonic AB Figures and 18mm Eureka Napoleonic French ranges. Flags for AB will make your brave Italians stand out in the heat of battle, and equally brighten the rapid departure from the field of your Neapolitans.

There are 11 sheets of flags in the Kingdom of Italy range, and 7 sheets of flags in the Neapolitan range, and both are now available in the Fighting 15 shop. The Italian Job Lot special offer allows you to buy both ranges of flags for just GBP50.00 – a saving of GBP4.00.

The range in full is:

Kingdom of Italy

ITA-F01 1802 pattern Republican Line Infantry, 1st to 4th regts (8)
ITA-F02 1802 pattern Republican Line Infantry, 5th to 7th regts; Presidential Guard (8)
ITA-F03 1802 pattern, Republican Light Infantry, 1st to 3rd regts; Hussars; Horse Grenadiers (10)
ITA-F04 1809 pattern Line Infantry, 1st to 4th regts (8)
ITA-F05 1809 pattern Line Infantry, 5th to 7th regts; Royal Guard flags 1805-1812 (10)
ITA-F06 1809 patern Light Infantry, 1st to 4th regts (8)
ITA-F07 1809 pattern Artillery & Cavalry (12)
ITA-F08 1813 pattern Line Infantry, 1st to 4th regts (8)
ITA-F09 1813 pattern Line infantry, 5th to 7th regts; Royal Guard (8)
ITA-F10 1813 pattern Light infantry (8)
ITA-F11 1813 pattern Artillery & Cavalry (12)

Kingdom of Naples

NAP-F01 1806 pattern Line Infantry (8)
NAP-F02 1806 pattern Light Infantry, Royal Guard, Cavalry (10)
NAP-F03 1809 pattern Line Infantry, 1st to 4th regts (8)
NAP-F04 1809 pattern Line Infantry, 5th to 8th regts (8)
NAP-F05 1809 pattern Line Infantry, 9th to 12th regts (8)
NAP-F06 1809 pattern Light Infantry, 1st to 4th regts (8)
NAP-F07 1809 pattern Royal Guard, Cavalry; 1814 pattern 5th and 6th infantry (10)

Sheets are GBP3.00, and contain the number of flags indicated in brackets. We regret that pictures are not available on the internet in order to protect copyright on the flags.

AOL bouncing emails

Fighting 15s has been receiving a number of shop confirmation emails that have bounced from customers with AOL email addresses, although emails for orders placed earlier in the year have worked OK. We fully expect that the world’s worst internet service provider has probably done something to the way it receives email over the past few days, and is therefore stopping customers receiving automated email confirmations from Fighting 15s.

Update: Apparently, AOL’s antispam procedures are blocking shop emails. My advice is therefore to set up a free online Yahoo or Hotmail account to receive confirmatory emails about internet shopping, as such accounts can be configured by the user to filter wanted or unwanted emails.

An internet service provider such as AOL that actually blocks information that its customers need is not really doing those customers any favours.

Eureka 20mm WWII Australians and Japanese


Eureka Miniatures’ new range of 20mm Pacific War figures for World War II, Australians and Japanese, are now listed in the Fighting 15s online shop.

The figures are sold in sets. The Australian sets are available in either the distinctive Aussie slouch hat or the standard British and Commonwealth tin helmet. You get plenty of options with the Japanese as well; the basic infantry with command sets can be ordered wearing kepi, helmet, or camouflaged helmet.

For those of you who prefer their figures to be dodging German and Italian (or even Vichy French) bullets, many of the Australian figures can be put to good use for World War II campaigns in the Western Desert and Palestine.

Please note that we do not currently hold stocks of these figures, and they are therefore available only to special order. Special orders can take six or more weeks to arrive in stock. Special orders are placed like any other order in the shopping cart – they merely take longer to arrive. Please note that the WorldPay and PayPal payment options automatically take payment at the time you place your order, and that if you want to pay when the figures are ready for dispatch, you should pick the telephone payment option.

15mm AB Figures: Empress Dragoons

We now have stocks of the latest additions to the range of Napoleonic 15mm AB Figures: the Empress Dragoons.

Individual codes for the figures are as follows:

IG48 Empress Dragoon trooper
IG49 Empress Dragoon officer
IG50 Empress Dragoon trumpeter
IG51 Empress Dragoon eagle bearer

Prices work out at 90p per figure, and the Empress Dragoons are available now in the online shop.

Broadband outage, 8 June

We are now reconnected to the high-speed world and will be catching up with orders as soon as possible – the restoration of the connection means we can start processing payment by card for phone and mail orders placed over the past few days.

Broadband outage 6 June

We currently have no broadband connection, owing to a line fault, and are limited to a very slow modem connection for essential, low-bandwidth communication only. We hope to have full communication restored within 48 hours.

For the orders we have already downloaded as a precaution against shop and server downtime as our server migrates, we will be unable to send out emails advising of dispatch. Please note that server migration and broadband downtime are not connected events.

We will be unable to access the shop while broadband is down, and therefore cannot process orders placed from 16:00 BST on 5 June. In addition, we cannot process credit card orders made by phone or post.

We will find it virtually impossible to deal with customer emails during this downtime as the modem connection is very slow and is on a computer that does not contain our records.

Sorry for the inconvenience. But the situation isn’t exactly doing wonders for the colour of my hair either.