Eureka 20mm WWII Australians and Japanese


Eureka Miniatures’ new range of 20mm Pacific War figures for World War II, Australians and Japanese, are now listed in the Fighting 15s online shop.

The figures are sold in sets. The Australian sets are available in either the distinctive Aussie slouch hat or the standard British and Commonwealth tin helmet. You get plenty of options with the Japanese as well; the basic infantry with command sets can be ordered wearing kepi, helmet, or camouflaged helmet.

For those of you who prefer their figures to be dodging German and Italian (or even Vichy French) bullets, many of the Australian figures can be put to good use for World War II campaigns in the Western Desert and Palestine.

Please note that we do not currently hold stocks of these figures, and they are therefore available only to special order. Special orders can take six or more weeks to arrive in stock. Special orders are placed like any other order in the shopping cart – they merely take longer to arrive. Please note that the WorldPay and PayPal payment options automatically take payment at the time you place your order, and that if you want to pay when the figures are ready for dispatch, you should pick the telephone payment option.

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