Eureka 28mm Arquebusiers de Grassin 1744-49


Eureka Miniatures’ Arquebusiers de Grassin 1744-49 are now listed in Fighting 15s online shop. The figures are currently available only to special order, which means orders will take about six weeks (possibly longer) to fulfil.

These distinctive figures, in the elaborate uniforms of the age, are finely detailed with lots of 18th century character. The basic rank and file code includes six different figure variants, in a variety of skirmishing poses befitting of the regiment’s traditional light infantry role. There is also an officer, standard bearer and horn blower to oversee everything.

Codes are as follows (variants, indicated in brackets, are supplied at random):

100AOR17 Arquebusiers de Grassin infantry (6)
100AOR18 Arquebusiers de Grassin officer (1)
100AOR19 Arquebusiers de Grassin standard bearer (1)
100AOR20 Arquebusiers de Grassin hornist (1)

Prices work out at GBP1.20 per figure. In addition, Fighting 15s offers a special unit pack of 21 other ranks and 3 command for GBP26.00, a saving of GBP2.80.

Unfortunately, although we knew these figures would be released this year, we had very short notice of their actual release date and have been unable to get them in stock in advance.

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