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1806 Saxons from Eureka Miniatures

We now have selected and limited stocks of the 1806 Napoleonic Saxons from Eureka Miniatures. These figures are the corrected and strengthened versions of the range originally released by Eureka in October 2006.

We have decided to stock only the marching versions of the infantry, plus the Saxon hussars and artillery crew. Other infantry, the chevaulegers and the heavy cavalry are only available direct from Eureka in Australia.

PayPal payments suspended

A few customers appear to be experiencing problems making payments using the PayPal option in the shopping cart. The issue appears to be with PayPal reconciling the customer’s address.

We have therefore temporarily suspended the PayPal option in our shopping cart. If you wish to pay by PayPal, please use the telephone or cheque payment options in the shopping cart, and ensure your email address is correctly entered in your details. You then need to email Fighting 15s requesting that you pay by PayPal. Fighting 15s will then raise a PayPal invoice for your order, which you will receive by email.

PayPal is not our primary card processor, and customers who pay by credit card should use the WorldPay option, which is a proper card processing facility provided by a UK bank (Royal Bank of Scotland).

Eureka 10mm Fantasy late arrivals

The Chaos Dwarfs (400FAN14) and Ogre Beasts (400FAN15) that were missed out of our original shipment of the new 10mm fantasy range from Eureka Miniatures have now arrived and are in stock. Packs are GBP5.75 each and contain 30 dwarfs or 24 ogre beasts/beast lord command.

Summer hours at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s studio is unbearably hot on sunny summer afternoons; when it is, we will close from 1pm, not 4.30pm, and beat a retreat to somewhere cooler, such as the beach, which is five minutes away. Ian would rather go to the beach than install air-conditioning.

Unlike last year, Fighting 15s will not be closing this summer, just working different hours during the day.

During the remainder of July, and throughout August, please restrict phone calls to between 10am and 1pm Monday to Friday.

Eureka Miniatures’ annual summer slowdown begins shortly when owner Nic Robson begins his world tour to take in Historicon, Claymore, Europe, Hong Kong and all points in-between. This affects the dispatch of our consignments from Eureka in Australia and leads to longer fulfilment times for special orders and for items that are out of stock.

Accordingly, we advise that all special orders for Eureka Miniatures and 15mm AB Figures may take at least 10 weeks to fulfil, as will orders for items that are temporarily out of stock.

Please note that this happens every year at the same time, and particularly affects the period from mid-July to mid-August. It severely tests our reserves of stock of AB and Eureka figures, and some lines may go out of stock with no prospect of replacements arriving quickly.

AOL users and the Fighting 15s shop

AOL users who forget their password for the Fighting 15s shop will find that AOL’s new anti-spam procedures will block emails from the shop aimed at providing this information. You will need to telephone Fighting 15s to obtain this information.

AOL also currently blocks the emails generated by the shop to confirm placement of an order.

Fighting 15s repeats its advice to set up an webmail account with a provider such as Hotmail or Yahoo to handle online orders. That way you can control your own spam filters and ensure you receive all the pertinent emails relating to your orders.

Wargames links updated

The Oozlum Games site – the news site for Fighting 15s, Oozlum Games and Eureka Miniatures UK – has been updated to include links to a number of wargames magazines, both print and web publications.