Summer hours at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s studio is unbearably hot on sunny summer afternoons; when it is, we will close from 1pm, not 4.30pm, and beat a retreat to somewhere cooler, such as the beach, which is five minutes away. Ian would rather go to the beach than install air-conditioning.

Unlike last year, Fighting 15s will not be closing this summer, just working different hours during the day.

During the remainder of July, and throughout August, please restrict phone calls to between 10am and 1pm Monday to Friday.

Eureka Miniatures’ annual summer slowdown begins shortly when owner Nic Robson begins his world tour to take in Historicon, Claymore, Europe, Hong Kong and all points in-between. This affects the dispatch of our consignments from Eureka in Australia and leads to longer fulfilment times for special orders and for items that are out of stock.

Accordingly, we advise that all special orders for Eureka Miniatures and 15mm AB Figures may take at least 10 weeks to fulfil, as will orders for items that are temporarily out of stock.

Please note that this happens every year at the same time, and particularly affects the period from mid-July to mid-August. It severely tests our reserves of stock of AB and Eureka figures, and some lines may go out of stock with no prospect of replacements arriving quickly.

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