Eureka 28mm English Civil War Montrose Irish


Eureka’s 28mm ECW Montrose Irish are now available in the online shop. Stocks of these figures are limited as we have not been able to order them in and have just the remains of the advance releases that were available at Claymore. Arrival of our main stock will be at least eight weeks away.

Codes and variants are as follows (number of variants in parentheses, variants are supplied randomly):

28mm English Civil War Montrose Irish

100ECW01 Montrose Irish musketeer (4)
100ECW02 Montrose Irish pikeman (4)
100ECW03 Montrose Irish with sword (2)
100ECW04 Montrose Irish musketeer, charging with reversed musket (2)
100ECW05 Montrose Irish officer (1)
100ECW06 Montrose Irish drummer (1)
100ECW07 Montrose Irish standard bearer (1)
100ECW08 Montrose Irish priest (1)
100ECW09 Alasdair Macolla Macdonald (1)
100ECW10 Irish dragoon, mounted (4)
100ECW11 Irish dragoon horse – without rider (4)

Prices work out at GBP1.20 a foot figure and GBP2.50 a mounted figure.

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