1:600 scale moderns and WWII from Oddzial Osmy

Our latest shipment has arrived from Oddzial Osmy, bringing with it the following new releases:

1:600 Modern

SA-643 BRDM1 Snapper – version armed with AT missiles
SA-644 Mi-2 – light utility helicopter
SA-645 Su-17/22M4 – Soviet fighter-bomber with variable geometry wings

US-638 F-16A – mainstay of US and many NATO fighter forces

1:600 WWII

WWH-633 PzKpfw IVE – version with add-on armour

WBR-608 Infantry – British Tommies, standing and prone figures
WBR-609 HMGs and mortars – Vickers MGs and 3in mortars

Packs contain 15 vehicles or infantry bases, or 8 aircraft/helicopters, and cost GBP2.00 excluding VAT (GBP2.35 including VAT). Customers outside the European Union pay the ex-VAT price.

The new releases are available now in the Fighting 15s online shop. Pictures should be available shortly.

Our delivery has also brought fresh stocks of Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters.

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