Individual figure code lists available again

Fighting 15s’ lists of individual figure codes are once again available to download either from the Links & Downloads section of the shop ( or from the news site at The lists supersede the ones that were withdrawn at the beginning of September, when all lists dated earlier became invalid.

Prices in the new lists are inclusive of VAT. Figure codes in the new lists are also now clearly different from codes on the website or codes in previous editions of the lists, as we have replaced the manufacturers’ standard prefixes with our own for most lines.

Anyone placing mail orders using codes from the website still risks getting figures they do not expect, because the website packages figures for some codes together: only codes from the lists should be used for mail order.

Because the new lists incorporate VAT, Fighting 15s regrets that it cannot process orders made using the out of date versions of the lists; payment will be returned or destroyed as appropriate.

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