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Little Green Men on the Isle of Wight

Further to the Martian invasion of Surrey, we now have little green men of sorts on the Isle of Wight. Orders that are not packed with reused materials are now packed using biodegradable bubble wrap – the green-coloured sort that starts to break down sometime after it has been exposed to light.

We’re pleased to revert to slightly more environmentally friendly packaging for our toy soldiers, having had to give up using the biodegradable packing beads because they would not work with the new slimline boxes. We are aware that the new packing material does not break down in the same way, but it is currently the best solution.

Fighting 15s runs its office equipment on solar and wind power, reuses and recycles packing materials, and uses biodegradable packing materials where possible. Can we claim to be one of the greenest wargames traders?

Eureka 28mm Teddy Bear Pirates


Our advance shipment of Eureka’s Teddy Bear Pirates has arrived and we will have the figures available at Warfare. The bears are also available in the Fighting 15s online shop.

As always, variants of figures are supplied at random.

Price rises at Eureka Miniatures

Eureka Miniatures has increased the prices on all its figures, and our downloadable lists have been updated to reflect the new prices. The changes particularly affect the 28mm and 40mm ranges, where some increases have been substantially more than we expected.

Prices in the Fighting 15s online shop will remain as they are until we have time to update them. There is therefore an opportunity for bargain hunters to buy at the old prices. We do not expect to have to increase the prices of 15mm and 18mm Eureka figures, nor of 15mm AB Figures.

New list prices take effect immediately for all mail order, phone and show orders.

Martian invaders overwhelm Surrey


Martian Empires has arrived back from the printers, and Mike now has boxes of the rules overwhelming his office in leafy Surrey. The rules are available to buy from the Black Hat Miniatures website and will also be available at Warfare in Reading.

Mike and Black Hat Miniatures are handling all sales of these rules, which will not be available though the Fighting 15s or Oozlum Games websites.