WWII British dominate 1:600 releases from Oddzial Osmy


October’s 1:600 (3mm) releases from Oddzial Osmy have arrived and are now available in the online shop. The releases are dominated by British vehicles for early WWII, with the particularly welcome arrival of the Supermarine Spitfire I/V. The releases are:

1:600 (3mm) Modern

SA-646 BTR40, troop carrier and recce vehicle

1:600 (3mm) WWII

WFR-620 Renault UE, light tracked supply carrier or light gun tractor

WBR-610 Mk VIC light tank, version armed with 15mm gun
WBR-611 Dingo, light armoured scout car
WBR-612 Morris 15cwt, light truck
WBR-613 Universal Carrier
WBR-614 British 2pdr AT gun
WBR-615 Supermarine Spitfire I/V

Packs contain 15 vehicles or 8 aircraft, and cost GBP2.35 inc VAT or GBP2.00 ex VAT per pack – customers outside the European Union pay only the ex-VAT price.

US customers may find Oddzial Osmy figures on eBay. Even with the outrageous dollar/sterling exchange rate, our ex-VAT prices are still cheaper than the prices from eBay sellers.

1 comment so far

  1. djconst2003 on

    Renenber the days when it was 2 dollars 40 cents to the old pound. A penny (cent) for a penny (old money).

    The range is comming along nicely.

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