AB releases new 15mm Spanish Napoleonic infantry


Sculptor Tony Barton has remodelled the fusiliers and grenadiers in AB’s range of 15mm Spanish Napoleonic infantry. The new figures are marching fusiliers and grenadiers, plus officers, drummers and standard bearers for both (the grenadiers probably didn’t carry flags, but the figures are provided for gamers who must have flags with their units).

Fighting 15s is licensed to cast these new figures in the UK, using moulds produced and authorised by Eureka Miniatures of Australia, and therefore the figures are immediately available and in stock in the online shop. Figures are cast in high tin alloy for extra strength and crispness of detail.

Fighting 15s has decided not to continue supplying the old versions of AB’s Spanish fusiliers and grenadiers.

To celebrate the release of these fantastically detailed new figures, Fighting 15s has created a second White Uniform Christmas deal for customers in the European Union: buy four 32-figure Spanish fusilier battalions for only GBP52.50 – a saving of GBP5.10 on the cost of the figures bought individually.

The deal is available in the online shop until 19 December 2007.

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