Vapnartak heads 2008 shows schedule for Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s’ wargames show schedule for 2008 includes only six shows: Vapnartak (York, 3 February), Salute (London, 19 April), Carronade (Falkirk, 10 May), Claymore (Edinburgh, August), Colours (Newbury, 13-14 September), and Warfare (Reading, 22-23 November).

We regret that we have dropped Cavalier from our schedule because it clashes with other commitments (Black Hat Miniatures is still attending Cavalier).

Black Hat Miniatures shares a stand with us at all shows that we attend in England, and we may therefore be identified on a floorplan only by Black Hat’s name. Most commonly we will be identified as Fighting 15s/Black Hat Miniatures. Black Hat Miniatures is our partner in Oozlum Games, so no one should be surprised that we share a stand.

For all shows in Scotland we attend as Fighting 15s/Eureka Miniatures. Black Hat does not accompany us north of the border and we do not carry its ranges.

We cannot take every range to shows, and most of those we do take are usually sold as unit packs. To ensure that we have exactly what you want please order in advance by phone or email. Advance orders are essential for any show that we attend in Scotland.

We are happy to take advance orders by phone or email for 15mm AB Figures to be collected at shows. We do not sell 15mm AB Figures individually at shows, and if we have any of these figures available they are usually only in bargain packs.

Please note that we cannot take credit or debit cards at shows. If you order in advance, we can take card details and process payment in the week before the show.

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