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T28 and T35 join Oddzial Osmy 1:600 WWII Russians


The latest releases from Oddzial Osmy in its 1:600 (3mm) ranges have arrived at Fighting 15s and are now available to buy in the online shop.

The releases are:

1:600 Moderns

BW-621 Wiesel MK20 – version armed with 20mm cannon

1:600 WWII

WSU-611 T28 – medium three-turreted tank
WSU-612 T35 – heavy tank, five-turreted land battleship
WSU-613 BA10 – heavy armoured car
WSU-614 T38 – amphibious light recon tank
WSU-615 T20 Komsomolets – light armoured artillery tractor

Packs are GBP2.35 each including VAT (just GBP2.00 ex VAT to anyone outside the European Union) and contain 15 vehicles. Despite the current poor performance of the Pound against the Euro we have decided to hold prices for now.


February arrivals from Oddzial Osmy in 1/600th scale


We have just received our latest consignment from Oddzial Osmy of Poland containing the following additions to its 1:600 (3mm) modern and World War II ranges.

1:600 Moderns

SA-648 ZiL-157 – general-purpose military truck
US-641 AH-1G Cobra – early version of Cobra attack helicopter, used in Vietnam War
BW-619 Unimog 1300L – all-terrain light utility truck
BW-620 Wiesel TOW – light armoured vehicle made for airborne forces

1:600th WWII

WSU-610 ZiS-5 truck
WBR-616 Morris AC9 early war armoured car, used in France and North Africa
WFR-621 Citroen-Kegresse P-16 – half-tracked armoured car, obsolete in 1940

All the above items are available now in our online shop. Packs typically contain 15 vehicles or 8 helicopters and cost GBP2.35 each including VAT (or GBP2.00 each to customers outside the European Union).