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Old School Miniatures blog

A blog about the Huzzah! Miniatures 30mm Old School Miniatures project now exists to give updates and details about this range of figures. The blog is at:

Huzzah! Miniatures: first glimpse

A first glimpse of our new range of classic 30mm wargames figures for old school wargamers is now available on the Huzzah! Miniatures page of the Oozlum Games website. We are currently working on the production moulds for the Prussian SYW infantry and with luck will have initial figures available at Salute on stand TC09.

Because these figures are aimed at old school wargamers who build units of 48 or 60 figures, the range will be competitively priced. We expect introductory prices will work out at 70p inc VAT per infantry figure bought as individuals, or 65p inc VAT per figure for a 60-figure unit pack (GBP39.00 total).

The figures are not yet available to buy in our online shop, but should be available this spring. We will also be offering a range of flags to accompany them.


Helion & Co 28mm 1866 Prussians

Fighting 15s has shipped the first production castings of Helion & Co’s new Seven Weeks War 1866 range of 28mm Prussians.

Online sales of these figures are handled through Helion & Co at Fighting 15s only casts this range under contract and it will not be available through the Fighting 15 shop. The range will be on sale at Salute on 19 April through Caliver Books.

Flags for AB adds 15mm Danish flags, 1780 to 1814

The 15mm Flags for AB range has been expanded with nine sheets depicting Danish infantry and cavalry flags for the period 1780 to 1814.

Sheets cost GBP3.25 inc VAT and include eight flags (except where stated in brackets). Infantry flags include two national flags and two regimental flags per regiment. The codes and descriptions are as follows:

DEN-F01 Guard infantry: Guards and Danish Life regiments
DEN-F02 Guard and line infantry: Norwegian Life Guard and King’s regiments
DEN-F03 Line infantry: Queen’s and Crown Prince’s regiments
DEN-F04 Line infantry: Prince Frederick’s and Fyenen regiments
DEN-F05 Line infantry: Seeland and 1st Jutland regiments
DEN-F06 Line infantry: 2nd and 3rd Jutland regiments
DEN-F07 Line infantry: Oldenburg and Schleswig regiments
DEN-F08 Line infantry: Holstein regiment; Cavalry: Life Guard, probable flags for Jutland Hussars and later Seeland heavy cavalry (12)
DEN-F09 Light dragoons and heavy cavalry: Life, Jutland and Fyenen light dragoons; Life, Seeland, Schleswig and Holstein heavy cavalry (14)

Eureka Miniatures 18mm 1806 Saxon Cavalry

We at last have added Eureka’s 18mm 1806 Saxon heavy cavalry and chevaulegers to the¬†online shop. Although these figures have in theory been available for well over 18 months, ¬†Fighting 15s has been waiting for corrected versions of the command figures for both cavalry types before adding them to the shop. This has taken a long and persistent campaign, but we are pleased to announce that we now have stocks of the modified command figures and are now happy to supply these figures to customers.

Extra features in the Fighting 15s shop

The shopping cart now has the ability to specify a different delivery address. This is a feature that we have restored in the hope that it doesn’t get abused again.

Software improvements to the shop means we are now able to provide emails advising of a change in the status of an order. The basic emails advise of a change in status to Processing (which means we have looked at your order and printed it off) and Dispatched (which means your order was sent that day).

Other statuses include Failed, which means that we have received an order but payment has not been completed for some reason. The most likely reason for a failed order is either that the customer has not completed the payment process (and has just been window shopping) or that the payment process has been blocked by the fraud detection systems of our card processor or the customer’s card issuer.

Fighting 15s restores PayPal option

We have restored the PayPal payment option in the shopping cart to give customers a choice of payment gateways.

Our preferred payment gateway is Worldpay. Worldpay recently enhanced the security of its payment systems, which appears to be causing a few problems with a small number of regular customers because it is more likely to flag transactions as potentially fraudulent. This may be arising because Worldpay now uses the extra customer password security for Visa and Mastercard transactions, a system that is not in place for all issuing banks.

Worldpay is a service provided by a real UK bank (Royal Bank of Scotland) and is therefore regulated by the FSA. In addition, Worldpay is easy to contact and has a helpful, active support staff. If you ring up to place an order, we always handle the transaction through Worldpay.

PayPal is not regulated by the FSA (having decided to shift its European base of operations to Luxembourg). In our experience it is almost impossible to contact anyone at PayPal if something goes wrong. We have minimal confidence in the organisation.

We recommend that customers use the Worldpay interface first; if any problems arise, we suggest that they then try the PayPal option in the cart. If both give problems, you most likely need to contact your card issuer to authorise payment.

Eureka Miniatures releases 28mm Sumerians


The 28mm Sumerians from Eureka Miniatures of Australia are now in stock and available to buy in the Fighting 15s shop. The range includes some stunning two and four-ass battle cars, and a two-ass straddle car (though not of the callipygian sort).

Prices work out at GBP1.40 per foot figure, GBP11.50 for the two-ass vehicles and GBP13.75 for the four-ass battle car. The character set of Gilgamesh, Enkidu and Humbabba is GBP5.50. All prices include VAT at 17.5%.

We hold limited stocks of this new range.

Obituary: Gary Gygax, co-creator of D&D

I have published a brief obituary on Gary Gygax, who is reported as having passed away, on my personal blog at: