Fighting 15s restores PayPal option

We have restored the PayPal payment option in the shopping cart to give customers a choice of payment gateways.

Our preferred payment gateway is Worldpay. Worldpay recently enhanced the security of its payment systems, which appears to be causing a few problems with a small number of regular customers because it is more likely to flag transactions as potentially fraudulent. This may be arising because Worldpay now uses the extra customer password security for Visa and Mastercard transactions, a system that is not in place for all issuing banks.

Worldpay is a service provided by a real UK bank (Royal Bank of Scotland) and is therefore regulated by the FSA. In addition, Worldpay is easy to contact and has a helpful, active support staff. If you ring up to place an order, we always handle the transaction through Worldpay.

PayPal is not regulated by the FSA (having decided to shift its European base of operations to Luxembourg). In our experience it is almost impossible to contact anyone at PayPal if something goes wrong. We have minimal confidence in the organisation.

We recommend that customers use the Worldpay interface first; if any problems arise, we suggest that they then try the PayPal option in the cart. If both give problems, you most likely need to contact your card issuer to authorise payment.

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