Flags for AB adds 15mm Danish flags, 1780 to 1814

The 15mm Flags for AB range has been expanded with nine sheets depicting Danish infantry and cavalry flags for the period 1780 to 1814.

Sheets cost GBP3.25 inc VAT and include eight flags (except where stated in brackets). Infantry flags include two national flags and two regimental flags per regiment. The codes and descriptions are as follows:

DEN-F01 Guard infantry: Guards and Danish Life regiments
DEN-F02 Guard and line infantry: Norwegian Life Guard and King’s regiments
DEN-F03 Line infantry: Queen’s and Crown Prince’s regiments
DEN-F04 Line infantry: Prince Frederick’s and Fyenen regiments
DEN-F05 Line infantry: Seeland and 1st Jutland regiments
DEN-F06 Line infantry: 2nd and 3rd Jutland regiments
DEN-F07 Line infantry: Oldenburg and Schleswig regiments
DEN-F08 Line infantry: Holstein regiment; Cavalry: Life Guard, probable flags for Jutland Hussars and later Seeland heavy cavalry (12)
DEN-F09 Light dragoons and heavy cavalry: Life, Jutland and Fyenen light dragoons; Life, Seeland, Schleswig and Holstein heavy cavalry (14)

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